Sunil Grover At Cannes in his Gutthi style

Sunil-grover at cannes
Sunil-grover at cannes

Comedy Nights with Kapil star rocks the Cannes stage in his own style

Sunil Grover is known tickle the funny bones of his fans and often doesn’t needs any occasion to do so. His character ‘Guthi’ has struck a chord with all and in no times has made him a superstar in his own rights. Sunil Grover aka Gutthi has performed in varios awards show and his gimics are well received. From Deepika to Aishwarya, Indian stars dazzled the Cannes with their own style, Gutthi too found a way to fit in the current flow. Transforming his character from the ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, he projected his Gutthi image on the French Riviera’s red carpet, leaving the audience laughing. They also applauded his outfit.

Indian celebrities take the center stage. Sunil Grover ‘aka’ Gutthi aced it in a white gown

Various Indian celebrities including Deepika Padukone, Tamannah Bhatia, Pooja Hegde, Aishwarya Rai, Hina Khan and many international celebs attended the prestigious festival event. Deepika was a part of a jury at Cannes Film Festival and other celebrities including Aishwarya Rai, Hina Khan, Madhavan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and AR Rehman dazzled at the Cannes. However it was hilarious when aced it but in a Gutthi Style makeover .Sunil Grover plays the character Gutthi, as a punjabi village girl .Sunil Grover shared the picture on his Instagram. Although it is a gimmick where he walked the red carpet in a Gutthi style. Several celebrities and netizens reacted hilariously. Dancer Mohan Shakti commented, “Wow Bedazzling”, Muzamil Ibrahim, ” You are my dream girl bro”. Actress Mouni Roy laughed at his looks. Hina Khan, ” with a laughing emoji type Sunil”. Meet brothers, Manmeet commented with laughing emoji. Actor Ronit wrote, “Wow! Dude, you are killing it!. 

Netizen’s reactions to Sunil Grover looks

Netizen’s reactions, ” Kya can’t hai sir kya baat hai waah sir moj kardi apne to purani gutthi dekhne ko milk. ( wow sir, moj kardi got to see your so old looks in gutthi style).” Gutthi jaisi koi nhi”, “Best universe queen”, ” Best look right from Cannes”, ” Even in zaro gravity, I would still for you”, ” Your hotness touching the sky”, “Ur best version of comedy and drama ever”, “finally Gutthi bhi red carpet par pahunch hi gyi sunil aag laga ke black carpet ban dena”, “tum hushn pari, tum jane jaha tum sabse hansi run sense jawa”. Other fans reacted with laughing emoji. 

Sunil Grover comedy style

Sunil Grover shot into fame through ‘Comedy Night with Kapil’. Although he played many comedy roles in the show like Gutthi, Rinku Bhabi, Dr. Mashoor Gulati, yet People always love his Guthi character style.

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