Bounce Back After Overeating, Know the ways to recover from overeating

Detoxification remedies after over eating
Detoxification remedies after over eating

7 Interesting Tips and Tried ways to recover after Overeating

No matter how healthy we are in our “normal” lives, most of us tend to loosen the reigns a little bit during the holidays. If you tend to get into that all-or-nothing mentality, you might just wake up on January 1st wondering where all your healthy habits went. Anything in excess causes discomfort to the body. Overeating can result in Gastritis, Bloating, and Vomiting. The best way to avoid binge eating is to control yourself. However, there are times you just can’t hold on. In order to bounce back from the after-effects of over-eating.

Tried-and-tested ways to bounce back after overeating

Start the day with hot water and lemon

This works wonders for your digestive system, especially if you ate some not-so-decent food the night before. Not only does it help to boost your immune system, but balances your pH levels and stimulates the elimination of toxins from your body.

Give your digestive system a break

Soups and Smoothies gently cleanse your body. That is contrary to chewing and digesting solid foods and putting your entire digestive system to work. However, ensure to make these yourself by adding enough detoxifying veggies such as leafy greens. Incorporate the greens into your smoothies, and garlic and onions into your soups. Here is a smoothie recipe that has all the detoxification ingredients.

Detoxification Smoothie Recipe

Movement of your body also helps you bounce back after overeating

Movement or Walking is a long-tested remedy for overeating. Exercise is one of the best ways to feel better quickly. Some of the popular forms of exercises are Running, Bike Riding, Walking, Yoga (twists and inversions are especially great for detoxing). This will help release toxins from your system, give you an endorphin boost, and leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. Compare for yourself the effect of overeating versus recovery after running.

Comparison before and after Running

Sweat it out in a sauna

A sauna or steam room (ideally followed by a cold plunge or cold shower) can help you to further flush out toxins. Additionally, it can help improve circulation, relax and de-stress., brighten up your complexion, and even help get rid of puffy eyes if you’re fatigued! Besides relaxation, sauna helps to flush out toxins.

Sauna helps to flush out toxins

Focus on what you can include

Instead on making your next detoxification schedule, focus on eating the right food. Eat what is right and get it in your diet. Getting extra water and dark leafy greens (packed with health-supporting nutrients) into your day, no matter what else you’re eating in, can make a world of difference in helping you find balance. Eating right goes a long way in detoxification of the body.

Genes versus Nutritional imbalance
Genes Vegetables
Eat right Always

Forgiving yourself can help you bounce back after overeating

We’re human and we live a little sometimes. Enjoy yourself, have fun, balance it out with some extra self-care, and let it go. Most of our post-indulgence suffering comes from wishing we hadn’t done it. So breathe, release yourself from any guilt, and get yourself outside for some fresh air and exercise!

Hydrate all day long

When you’re feeling low energy from having too much sugar, alcohol sugar, or otherwise energy-draining substances, it’s all too easy to reach for coffee to make it through the day. I get it. I love coffee. But caffeine can make you even more dehydrated and tired, so fuel up with pure H2O and keep a water bottle by your side all day long. You’ll rejuvenate every cell of your body and help flush out your system.