Start Your Morning With Yoga

Reasons to do Yoga
Reasons to do Yoga

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga

Early morning yoga is good for the health. It keeps your health fit and fine. Doing mediation and breathing work lowers ones stress level and keep things calm. It also strengthens the muscles that are present the body and improve the flexibility of the body. Here are some benefits of Yoga that if incorporated in morning routine can change your lifestyle.

Here are 10 reasons to start your morning with Yoga

1. It keeps things calm

The sunlight wakes you up in the morning. It is always a good idea to make yoga a part of your morning routine. Meditation accompanied by controlled breathing, sends the right signal to our brains ,relieves the stress and lessens the tension level. We all are a part of nature and this morning start your routine with yoga can boost your rest of the day.

2. Activate the energy level

Yoga improves the circulation in the body. The white blood cells are the defense mechanism of our body. They get activated in the body and give the immune system an immediate boost. It also strengthens the muscles, improves the posture and flexibility of the body.

3.Boost your metabolism

Doing 1-hour sessions of yoga in the morning can boost your metabolism. When the circulation of the system is boosted, it enhances the internal organ functionality. The digestive system starts releasing the toxins and increasing your strength.

4. The inner soul creates positive energy

While practicing yoga in the morning, you will feel the miraculous change in your body and mind. You greet the friends in a very much friendlier manner. You will be able to make easier choices in your life and be able to sort out your problems. You will create a positive environment around yourself.

5. You will measure the positive and negative thoughts

Morning practice is always fruitful to measure positive and negative thoughts. Doing some meditation exercises is the most excellent way to create positive thoughts and energy. You will feel joy and happiness.

6.It improves the sleep quality

Yoga is helpful for all age ranges and improves sleep quality. Deep breathing techniques can induce sleep. Yoga can lessen Autism Spectrum Disorder and insomnia-related sleep problems which are mainly seen in young children.

7. Nurture Breathing

All types of yoga nurture your breath which results in increasing the lung capacity in your body. It alleviates problems like asthma, seasonal allergies. If breathing exercises become a habit, it will eventually make you become more aware and alive.

8. It makes you more flexible 

Doing some stretching exercise will enhance the motion of your muscles and joint pains regardless of age. It also strengthens your limbs and hands. You can also try Sukhasana variation and Halasna or Plow pose for flexibility.

9. Enhancing brain power

Doing yoga in the morning keeps the brain healthy and fine. It also improves the vagus nerve which is responsible for managing the mood and stress level. Practice pranayama like Nadi Shodhana Breath, Sitali Breath, Ujjayi Breath. These pranayamas will sharpen your mind and reduce your stress level.

10. It provides you mental clarity

A morning yoga practice gives you clarity of the vision, you will become more aware of thoughts and help you to observe things in a better way. A calm and grounded person makes good decisions as compared to a stressed and anxious person.

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