Thursday, March 23, 2023

Everyone Walks But Those Who Reverse Walk Reach Their Fitness Goals Quickly


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We all know the benefit of walking and many of us have been doing that religiously for many years now. But do you know reverse walk or walking backwards is actually better than walking onwards. On the surface it may look silly and may invite a few glares from people around but think deeply. Reverse walk offers a number of perks for physical and mental well-being. Let’s have a look at few of them –

Benefit # 1: Better mind body co-ordination

It helps in building coordination between our mind and body. While walking backwards our mind gets more alert as it suspects something unusual. It builds better concentration levels and results in a much improved harmony between body and mind.

Benefit # 2: Strengthens leg muscles

It is helpful in toning up lower leg muscles. While walking there are muscles located at the back of your leg, those muscles get into motion. A regular amount of reverse walk not only tones up lower leg muscles but also makes them stronger and sturdier.


Benefit # 3: Helps avoid knee injury

Backward walking or reverse walking is helpful in easing the stress on knee joints. People with knee problem have found it very helpful. Many studies have also found that it reduces anterior knee pain.

Benefit # 4: Reduces back pain

Back pain could be excruciating if not handled adequately. Back pain occurs due to poor strength in the body, or lifting heavy objects. Reverse walking build overall greater strength in the body and removes back pain.

Benefit # 5: Burns more calories

It helps you burn more calories as compared to forward walking. You can achieve better results if you opt for pace walking by setting up a certain goal such as a particular set of reverse steps in a given time. You can also slow down and then speed up for better results. It burns calories quickly and effectively.

Reverse walking helps maintain better balance

Benefit # 5: Builds better balance

Initially while doing the it for 10 to 15 seconds, you are able to maintain right body posture. your shoulders, back, and head are all set to balance at one point. Regular reverse walks give you a great opportunity to create a better body balance.

Benefit # 6: Improves critical thinking

While walking backward, your brain starts getting into motion to think correctly. You are able to count the number of steps you have covered up while walking backward, you get new creative ideas due to your improved thinking skills. It also helps you develop cognitive control on your body.

Benefit # 7 : Energy booster

Backward walking is helpful in boosting up your energy level. While doing the reverse walking the oxygen flow in the body starts increasing. It also helps in elevating the energy hormones that you that much needed kickstart to your day.

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