5 Natural ways to boost your Weak Immune system

Natural ways to boost your Weak Immune system
Natural ways to boost your Weak Immune system

The need to boost your weak immune system becomes all the more vital today.From a cold flue to the Covid -19, all infectious diseases attack the immune system.Immunity levels vary from individual to individual.While the immunity of infants and elderly is low, teenage and adults have stronger resistances.There is a wise saying,” Prevention is better than cure.”One should supplement their diet with healthy nutrients and regular exercises to strengthen their respective bodies.Subsequently, it prepares the bodies to ward off infections or pathogens.

When you should boost your Weak Immune System?

Signs of a Weak immunity

1. Slow Healing

The first sign to reflect is that the healing becomes significantly slow.Our natural defence mechanism protects us from cut, burns, or scrape. Not only does the nutrient-rich blood heals the body, but also strengthens your weak immune system.Thus, anyone who has low Immunity tends to recover slower.

2. Disease-Prone

The second sign to monitor is the frequency at which the infection happens. If you are having episodes of cold, cough at regular intervals, it is an indicator of low immunity.

3. Feeling Weak

You often feel weak and exhausted to perform day-to-day tasks or activities. 

If you feel any of the above 3 sign,it is an indicator you need to boost your weak immune system.

Natural ways to increase your Immunity

1. Keep yourself hydrated

Dehydration weakens your immune system, and makes your mood and vitals low.Besides, it increases the chance of infection in the body.One should keep himself hydrated all the time. The liquid not only keeps an individual healthy and infection free.

2. Regular exercise

Regular exercise regime boosts your immune system.Indulge in exercises such as breathing, brisk walking, and jogging.Not only does it boosts your immunity, but also reduces the toxicity in the body.

3. Healthy Nutritious food 

Eating nutritious rich food shall make your immune system strong. Incorporating Fruits like bananas, green vegetables, orange juice, lemon juice, broccoli, etc which are rich in Vitamins and minerals. The anti-inflammatory properties help immune cells inside the body fight off infections and viruses.

4. Probiotics

Easily available in the market, it includes fat and sugar-free yoghurt, Kefir, Tempeh ( Soybean Product), etc. Probiotics repairs the infected cells and boosts your immune system.

 5. Quality Sleep

Adequate good quality sleep rejuvenates the individual and subsequently decreases the chances of falling sick. It boosts your immunity to prevent any infections that occur in your body. Having a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep is mandatory.

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