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Swiggy’s delivery becomes a subject of hilarious memes


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Swiggy receives order, Delivery Guy dunzo’es it

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Ever heard, Swiggy outsources delivery order. Sounds strange right ! An incident regarding Swiggy’s delivery is going viral on the social media. This bizarre incident happened in Bangalore when a man placed an order at a CCD outlet through Swiggy. Everything was fine till the order was confirmed, packed and the delivery agent picked it up for delivery. Until then, there was nothing unusual. However, what followed after was nothing but strange. Omkar Joshi shared the tweets of his friend’s order that the delivery agent booked another person from a different app, called Dunzo . He even requested the customer to give him a 5-star rating.

Swiggy delivers the order through Dunzo

Delivery agent delivers Swiggy order through Dunzo

Swiggy became a subject of hilarious memes when its delivery agent booked a Dunzo ride to deliver customer’s order. As a Twitter user Omkar Joshi shared the screenshot with his friend, who recently ordered from Swiggy. He shared his tweet about the the order he placed on Swiggy from CCD. Although he picked his order, but was too lazy to come and deliver it here.

Swiggy outsources delivery order to Dunzo, driver asks for good rating

After picking up the delivery, the Swiggy’s agent booked a delivery partner Dunzo to deliver the order. Also, to avoid the risk of losing his 5 star customer rating, the Swiggy agent booked a Dunzo delivery partner to deliver the order. According to the 10 TV news a Telugu news channel, the man’s friend shared the screenshot.

Screen shot of the Swiggy Delivery

Swiggy’s delivery invites memes

Although the incident is bizarre, but it could become a material for online memes. Having said that there were many who believed and there were others who needed the “proof.” Ever since the image got shared, it has received numerous likes and comments. Tweets and Retweets are also there. One of the guys jokingly compared the online Food delivery app to the popular online cab App. He commented that ordering from Swiggy is better than Ola and Uber in Delhi. Cabs in Delhi are known never to be ontime

Swiggy, Uber and Ola

Another user Tweeted that only in Bangalore does a lazy Swiggy agent agent books Dunzo to deliver the order.

Tweet by User

Another user entitled the whole episode as ‘Power of Outsourcing’ the individual shared the incident.

Power of Outsourcing

The viral post amused individuals who flooded the internet with responses and funny comments. However there were others who described it as peak Bengaluru behavior.

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