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Manage Your Health Smartly with the help of these Apps


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Watch out for the best Health and Fitness Apps in India

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With constantly on the move, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. According to the recent statistics. Mobile phone was invented 50 years ago and has seen a huge transformation from a match box style device to a gadget. Not only has it attractive looks , but many add on features to transform your life. Smartphones have in a way revolutionized our lives. Texts, Mails , Social Media can all be accessed through smartphones. One of the most important consideration in a busy lifestyle is taking care of health. Again Smartphones provide us the necessary respite as some of the best Health and Fitness Apps in India keep a track of our daily Health Chart. Whether it is weight management or Calories, Fitness goals, these Health and Fitness apps have all the solutions.

Best Fitness Apps

Download Health and Fitness App and eliminate Gym

Fitness apps can be easily downloaded to an electronic device such as your cell phone or tablet. While some Apps are free, there are others which require a regular subscription. One of the major advantages of these fitness apps is that they make your life organized and disciplined. There are myriad options available to blow your mind. Shortlisting a single one amongst them is cumbersome.

While some are free and others require a make subscription, all fitness apps work to provide consistency and discipline as you work toward your goals. With so many apps choices available , shortlisting one of them mobile app could be overwhelming. For any of your health related goals like building muscles, Calorie Intake, Calories Burnt, and Number of Steps you have a dedicated Apps to all. Also, these apps can help to eliminate the need of the Gym, or a fitness coach. According to Forbes Tech here are the most sought after Health and Fitness Apps.

Criteria for Selection of the Best Health and Fitness Apps

While selecting the Fitness Apps here are six major criteria When making our picks, we focused on apps that are:

  • Reliable
  • Inclusive
  • Affordable
  • Innovative
  • Highly rated
  • User-friendly


Sworkit Health specializes in providing digital Healthcare solutions. A variety of solutions aimed providing you with fitness and preventative care. Whether it is Yoga or HIIT, stretching workouts or aerobics, Sworkit has a number of videos demonstrating that. One of the best part of this company is the incredible customization. They have options for all ages and work out sessions for different time intervals to suit individuals. With most of us idling around, it eliminates all of the excuses we often use for why not to workout. Here are some of the Pros and Cons. Here are sone students exercising to its flow

School students exercising to Sworkit Video


  1. You can design your own workouts.
  2. One can Skip tasks that are not your Vibe
  3. Video Demonstrations are easy to Follow
  4. Choose your own Music


Transition time between activities is a tad too short.


Abbreviation for Couch to 5K, C25K is a mobile app that motivates the members towards a 5 kilometers run over a 9 week period. Zen Labs created it and is one of the highest rated health and fitness app available on both Android and iOS. Joh Clark in 1996 created the app with an objective of motivating new runners with manageable expectations. Any user is expected to workout for at least 20-30 minutes 3 days a week. The first part of the routine is a five minute warm up session and ends at running 5 kms without a break. All of it is scheduled in 9 weeks. Clark’s site is Kick and featured C25K on the site.


  1. Easy to navigate app suited for beginners
  2. Cool Features such as Audio Coaching and Calorie Tracking
  3. Provides you Tips on How to start your Fitness routine


  1. App is a little tedious for beginners and intense for beginners.


Considered one of the most popular exercise tracking apps, it best serves to monitor ones walks. Measurement of the efforts through data can push us to maintain ourselves. We have both free version and paid version. Just using the free version van unlock many features plan routes, The App is available on Web Browser, iOS and Android.


  1. Best way to monitor your effort without a GPS watch.
  2. Location of new running routes
  3. Friends Networking


  1. Difficulty in Sharing
  2. Insecurity of Many to Post their Shorter or Slower Runs.

Strong Workout Tracker Gym Log

One of the most spontaneous of all the apps, it is ideal for any exercise routine. Not only it helps you track your effort, but also provides you an insight of where you are lagging. Whether your objective is to build muscular power or weight loss, the app helps you achieve your goals. The app has received rave reviews from many.


  1. Ideal for people who lift weights.
  2. Flexibility in Use. Could be use in gym, at home, or on the go.
  3. Plenty of built-in exercises with video instructions.


  1. Limited Custom Routines
  2. Pay for Upgraded Membership for more workouts.
  3. Available only on i0S.


PEAR App helps you make conscious decisions. With the help of its personal curated exercise routines it helps to achieve your goals in a structured way.


  1. Pear is the perfect personal training app for tech fans.
  2. It offers real-time coaching for a personalized and engaging experience.
  3. It also uses artificial intelligence to customize your workouts.

Cons: The app is strictly fitness-focused, so don’t expect diet or nutrition advice.

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