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Healthy eating tips for teens


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Here are some helpful tips on how to meet the needs of a teen’s growing body.

We all have been in the phase where we couldn’t wait to grow up. Teenagers are looked upon by the kids younger to them. For younger kids, teenagers have the best life. But, like adults teenagers also deal with a lot of physical, mental, and emotional issues. Weight is one such issue that most teenagers have to deal with. And teenage girls are the main victims. 

Teenagers go through years of growth spurts, hormone shifts, and body adjustments. Menstruation is the biggest change that teenage girls go through. It is difficult for them to accept the fact that menstruation is now an unavoidable part of life. On top of that because of the hormonal changes they experience physical changes. Fluctuation in weight creates a big blow to teenager’s self-esteem.

Teenage girls gaining weight is very normal. There are some girls who shed this weight once they enter adulthood. But there are few who gain unnecessary weight which becomes difficult for them to lose. This unwanted weight gain affects the kid very deeply and they follow all the fad diets for the fastest results. If you have to manage your diet according to your school timings, here is a more suitable diet plan for school time.

Consume a Balanced diet:

Most teen girls are conscious about their weight and appearance and tend to reduce their calorie intake to maintain their weight. They start starving themselves to lose weight. Girls forget that along with maintaining the weight they are still in the growing age. They still need enough calories for proper growth and maintenance. A proper weight loss diet plan for teenage girls should consist of an adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats along with vitamins and minerals. Consume proper 2 – 3 big meals and 2 – 3 mid meals or healthy snacks.

Eat lots of fiber:

Include a variety of fiber in your diet. Consume whole fruits, vegetables, oats, quinoa, whole grain cereals, pulses, sprouts, and bran fortified foods. A minimum of 5 – 6 servings of foods and vegetables is a must in a day. These fulfill the need for fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Keep the proteins high:

High proteins are necessary for the growth and maintenance of the body. It boosts metabolism and aids weight loss. Include milk and products, egg, poultry, dals, pulses, sprouts, nuts, and seeds.

Stay Hydrated:

Avoid soda, aerated drinks, or any sugar-laden drinks. Replace these beverages with plain water. Try to refrain from drinking anything but water and unsweetened tea. Adequate water helps to burn excess fat. It has added value of clearing your skin issues that accompany PCOS. When you feel hungry between meals, try to consume water first. Your body might sometimes get confused between signals of thirst with hunger. Drinking ice cold water helps to increase your metabolism thereby reducing your weight.

Moderation is the key:

We all have food cravings. It would be very cruel if the teenager avoids something just to lose weight. It is ok to indulge in the high-calorie craving once in a while. Just key to healthy eating is “Eat everything in moderation”.

Do not follow a fad diet:

There is a lot of information available online. The girls might not be aware of the information available is authentic or just false info. It is always better to follow a balanced diet under the guidance of certified professionals.

Exercise more often:

Try to take up any outdoor sports activities like basketball, football, hockey, or cricket along with academics. Or else you can also go for walks or jog or swimming. Simple yoga is also beneficial for weight loss. At least 150 minutes in a week is required for appropriate weight loss.

Sleep sound:

Sound sleep helps your body and mind to relax. The body repairs itself while we sleep. There is a reduction in stress and also it burns calories.

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