Vitamin D and Cancer Cure

Vitamin-D and omega 3
Vitamin-D and omega 3

Vitamin D and Omega 3 can lower cancer

Vitamin D cures Cancer
Vitamin D controls Cancer

According to recent conducted studies, Vitamin D controls Cancer. A combination of high-dose Vitamin D with Omega-3 fatty acids limits the cancer risk in adults. According to an article published in Bionity, (a journal that provides detailed information about  biotechnology, life sciences, pharmacy, healthcare, diagnostics, bioinformatics), the combination of exercise, high-dose Vitamin D and Omega-3s, can help reduce cancer risk in healthy adults aged 70 or older by 61 per cent.

Effect of Vitamin D and Omega 3 on Cancer

What is Cancer?

Before we understand the treatment therapy of cancer, it is important to understand its cause. According to the National Cancer Institute, it is a disease in which some cells grow at a massive rate and spread to the other body parts. Our body is made of organs which are comprised of tissues which further consists of cells. There is no particular location of Cancer and it can happen anywhere. Cancer is treated in many different ways depending on its type and stage. Here are some ways in which it can be controlled.

Vitamin D controls Cancer: Forms of Treatment

  1. Biomarker Testing: Location of Genes that cause Cancer
  2. Chemotherapy: Using Drugs to kill cancer cells
  3. Hormone Therapy: Limits or stops the growth of Cancer that require Hormones to grow
  4. Hyperthermia: Heat treatment to 113 degree F to kill cancer cells
  5. Immunotherapy: Builds immune system to fight cancer
  6. Photodynamic Therapy: Light activated drug to kill cancer
  7. Radiation Therapy: Using high doses of Radiation to kill cancer cells
  8. Stem Cell Implant: Stem cells that grow into blood cells which were destroyed due to chemotherapy
  9. Surgery: Removal of cancer from the body by surgical procedure
  10. Targeted Therapy: Targets the changes in Cancer cells that help them grow.

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Studies show that Vitamin D, Omega-3 help to control cancer

Studies have shown that combination of Vitamin D along with Omega-3 and some exercise can limit the formation of cancer cells. Not only does it strengthen ones immunity, but also prevent cancer. Bischoff-Ferrari and her colleagues conducted studies to see the effect of 3 factors high-dose Vitamin D3 , Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and a simple strength exercise, on cancer. The subjects who were selected were aged 70 or more.

Number of Participants2157
Number of Years3
Countries ParticipatedSwitzerland, France, Germany, Austria, and Portugal,
Sample Size and characteristics of Data

Experiment Results

Experiments showed that intake of Vitamin D3, Omega-3s independently had a small benefit. However, the benefits exponentially increased by 61% if all the 3 factors together acted.

Studies showing the effect of Vitamin D in adults

Other Benefits

In addition to the prevention of Cancer, studies have proven that Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 are also beneficial for Bone, Heart and Kidney Functions.

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