Summer is incomplete with these fruits

Helthy Fruits
Helthy Fruits

Summer fruits are essential items during summer season. Generally, seasonal fruits are available depending on region, growing seasons and crop availability. That’s because every seasonal fruit tastes better in the season, as it naturally ripens to reach its wholesome taste and nutritional richness. We have prepared a list for you to know and consume –


Strawberries most demanding fruits in Summers

These berries are the most loving fruits. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries are commonly used in the desserts. Regular eating of strawberries helps the heart of the people by lowering the cholesterol level in their bodies. Consuming the fresh and dried strawberries helps in eye sight problems and it’s antioxidant properties makes the skin looks healthier. People who love to maintain good shape of their body can opt this fruit in their diet. It can be mix with scoop of Vanilla ice creams, shakes. Hence it is the most demanding fruits during summers seasons


Pulpy Berries

The pulpy berries like blackberry and raspberries has the goodness of fiber and Vitamin C. Its antioxidant properties keep us away from the oxidative stress. It also acts as a remedy for cancer problems. You can add these berries in yogurt, bowl of granola or in a healthy salads.


Juicy fruit Litchi

Litchi is sweet and luscious in taste. It is full of Vitamin B and C which makes our immunity and bones strong. It keep the body hydrated during summer. Prevent our body from any kind of viruses.


Mangoes King of fruits

Mango lovers mainly wait for the summer seasons to enjoy flavour of the fruit. Another name for Mangoes is ‘King of fruits’. Every generation of people love to taste a delicious taste of mangoes. There are numerous variety of mangoes available in the market during summers like red, green and yellow. The King of fruit is rich in Vitamin C and has polyphenoles an antioxidant helps to cure the problem of cancer, heart disease. It keep your immune system healthy and fuller. The Zeaxanthin present in the mangoes keep our eyes safe from harmful blue rays. Additionally, it also boosts the collagen in our skin and make the skin looks thicker and plump. You can try to mix this fruits with smoothies and shakes with punch of chia seeds in it and enjoy this summer fruits.


Refreshing watermelon

To quench the thirst during hot weather season, try to add watermelon in your diet. It is the most refreshing fruits which keep your body hydrated and full of Vitamins and minerals. It alleviate the problem of macular degeneration and act as anti for cancer cells. Effectively, it makes our heart happier too.