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Holi Is All About Food And Festivities, This Holi Go For Yummy But Healthy Food


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Holi is a festival of colors but it is also an occasion when foodies break all boundaries and indulge in some yummy foods like ghujhias, namkeen and shakarpares. It indeed looks like a festival of colorful foods as all traditional dishes cooked in our kitchen on Holi have a different taste as well as color.

But too much of eating comes with some serious health risks therefore you need to be a little cautious while cooking these dishes. Here are some tips. Have a look –


Gujiyas is the traditional dish made by many houses on the occasion of Holi. Maida and Khoya filling are assembled together to make the form of Gujiyas. Many people face the problem of bloating while eating enough Gujiyas.

To make health for your body, you can make changes in the outer cover of Gujiyas and inside fillings of it. Instead of Maida, you can take the white whole Flour. This is rich in fiber and vitamins, minimise the problem of blotting.

Also, you can choose the filling mixture of Jawar, roasted suji and blend with some pieces of coconut and add some nutritious nuts like walnuts, almonds, etc to get the perfect healthy taste. It is also a good idea to bake the Gujiyas instead of frying it in the oil.

Dahi Bhalla

Dahi bhallas are tasty but sometimes may upset your stomach

Dahi Bhalle is the most relished Holi food item. It is mainly made from the Urad dal. Too much eating of lentils can upset your stomach, as the Urad dal is quite heavy for digestion. Instead of Urad dal, you can make lentils with Ragi and Moong dal. Moong is quite light and rich with a high amount of protein in it.


A refreshing drink that becomes healthy with simple tricks

Celebration of Holi is meaningless without drinking a glassful of thandai. It keeps our body cool and energetic. To make a healthy or low-calorie drink, you can take soya or cow milk, add some solid jaggery instead of sugar. Also, add some crushed nuts like walnut powder or Almond powder. This will make it a healthy drink to enjoy festivities.


Avoid adding rabri on malpua as it makes it harder to digest

It is the most delicious sweet dish. Adding rabri in malpua makes the dish a great health risk. In order to avoid that, you can take Ragi (Suji) or oats instead of using Maida, mix some fennel seeds and jaggery into it. It certainly turns out to be a better way to keep yourself healthy during Holi.


Namakpare is a superhit snack on Holi

Namakpare is a good evening snack item and easy to cook during Holi. To stay fit during the festival you can take Ragi in the making of namakpare instead of using Maida. Mainda makes you fat, and induces a lot of health complications while ragi is a healthier alternative.


Adding jaggery on shakarpare instead of sugar makes it healthier

This is another food item made during Holi, crunchy and sweet in taste. You can prepare the mixture using some Ragi(Suji) and Jaggery. To get the healthy taste to shakarpare you mix fennel seeds in the composition of Shakarpare. It will make the dish even more healthy and keeps you protected from health hazards.

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