Stay Cool And Energetic This Summer With These Healthy Breakfast Options

Energetic Breakfast meals in Summers
Energetic Breakfast meals in Summers

Summer is here and we are no longer in love with heavy stuffed parathas, samosas and chole bhatures. Instead we all are looking for breakfast options which are easy to digest and keep us up and running throughout the day. Fortunately, there are plenty of breakfast options available now which are full of nutrients and easy on your stomach which is very important in this scorching heat.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular summer breakfast options –

Bowl of granola

As the summer has started, the best way to make your stomach full and healthy is eating a bowl of Granola every day in the morning, it is easy breezy to make. It has a rich source of nutrients and minerals like vitamin E and vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, iron, pantothenic acid, etc. It keeps our health fit and fine, improves our blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Take a bowl of oats, add some seeds, nuts and strawberries into it. Mix all well with yogurt or milk according to your taste. It will keep you healthy throughout summers.



Many Indian households used to cook cheela for morning breakfast. It is also known as Indian pancake with high protein and fiber. It also helps lose weight fast. Prepare the base with any of the materials like besan, sooji or egg and some veggies, like tomatoes, chopped onions. Mix everything with water and your batter ready. Heat a pan and add some oil and batter. Put the batter in the pan and cook it till it gets crispy from both sides.


Oat meals with bananas

It is one of the the most healthy breakfasts that is a hit amongst office goers. It is also an ideal food for diabetic patients, and reduces asthma as well. The high amount of fiber in it will keep your body fuller all day long. Toss some hulled oats and add any liquid like water, soya milk, cow milk. Mix all well with two or three slices of banana and berries, a few drops of vanilla essence. Scoop into the bowl, the meal is ready to eat.

Egg wrap with mushrooms

Egg wrap is easy to cook and tastes yummy with a filling of mushroom and onions. Here is the recipe, take some egg, whisk well. Take a pan, heat onions and mushrooms and salt. Once it becomes golden, keep it aside in a different bowl, then take the beaten egg and roll it in a heated pan. When the surface of the egg is ready, mix all the mushrooms and onions mixture, you can also add the sauces. They serve the meal immediately. You can have it with a glass of milk or juices

Egg Wrap with mushrooms


This is the most evergreen food, eaten with peanuts or curry leaves. It is a perfect food for breakfast and cooking in many households globally. It has high carbohydrates, is easy to digest, is full of iron, and is low in calories. You can add the vegetables like peas, potato, and coriander into the dish.