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Fad Vs Lifestyle, the Choice is yours


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Fads or the enthusiasm or craving for a particular thing. Health or Food fads are a part of Human culture. It could include dieting or late-night snacking, fads are usually short-lived.

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Healthy living is the moral responsibility of every human being. In order to achieve this goal one should consume a balanced diet, stay in a healthy ambience and exercise daily. When asked to make a choice between a Fad vs Lifestyle, most are driven towards the former. Lets find out why. Without saying, food forms an integral part of our daily routine. It serves many functions such as yields energy, builds muscles, and protects us from various ailments.

Healthy Diet for Heart
Healthy Diet for Heart

Food Fads change with time, and they are a means to curb the desire for a particular food or dieting in general. Also, it could include a pill to stop late night craving. Health Fads come and go. There are two main reasons. Firstly is popular and one is easy to get in the flow. Most millennials are attracted towards newly introduced items and hence fall for it. However incorporating anything as a part of daily lifestyle is a little arduous.

Lets Discuss the concept of a Fad vs Lifestyle

Although there could be many kinds of health fads, but eventually they fizzle away with time. Thus a health fad is mostly short lived and is forgotten in a few months. Gluten free diet or Aerated Chocolates are all examples of fads, which once popular have now seen the dust. However, this happens every time, a fad becomes popular reaches the peak and fizzles away. However there are fads that continue for a longer time and turn into a lifestyle. For instance, Gluten Free, Atkins or Paleo diet and organic food consumption is now an accepted lifestyle.

Fad vs Lifestyle: Understand the difference before planning your routine

Without knowing the difference between the two, it is catastrophic to even attempt planning the menu. A fad may result in a momentary gain, but in the long term, one suffers after the fad is gone. On the other hand lifestyle takes time and it requires patience and time and time. It is also likely that many celebrities might have backed it. These celebrities could be anyone from doctors, businesses, even social media influencers.

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