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Delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies: From Flatbreads to Curries


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Indian Cuisine is just not about delectable curries, but an explosion of flavours all mixed together in a single cuisine.

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Ask any foreigner what they like about Indian Food, majority will come with one answer Flavourful and spicy. Indian cuisine differs with the regions and climate. There is hardly any country in the world which boasts of diversity as much as India does. Just like India’s diverse cuisine, it equally prides itself over authentic and delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies.

Although Surprising for the west, but even Vegan food is delicious too. Traditional clay oven called Tandoor specialties such as Naan and Kulcha bread to grilled mouth-watering Vegan Kababs and Tikkas have hooked many a person to Indian food items. Going west use of breads is extensive. Missal Pav and Vada Pav can get one addicted. They are so flavourful that you just can’t stop at one. Southern Vegan delicacies are world famous and include Dosas, Idlis and Appam. Although Eastern delicacies are mainly meat based, they have vegan options too. Thukpa , Kalo Dal, Til Ko Aaloo from East.

Delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies
Delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies

These Delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies, are sure to make you drool

India has 28 states and 8 Union territories, and each region has something unique to offer. Thus, contrary to many people’s beliefs, Indian food is just not about Tandoori Chicken or spiced gravies. Rather it involves a complicated array of flavours that are as diverse as the country’s culture. On one hand there are recipes that go as far as hundred years. While there are others, which are modified according to the evolving palate of the new generation. There are common dishes that are consumed throughout the country with a unique touch of the individual. The scope of Indian food is huge, and it is difficult to cover it all in such a small article. However, we shall try to encompass the traditional cuisines from each region of India, North, South, West, and East. India is a vegetarian paradise, and no matter where you go, you can always find a couple of vegetarian delights. Although the cuisine varies from state, one thing common is the use of spices. It won’t be wrong to say that India is the spice capital of the world.

Vegan Indian Food Delicacies
Vegan Indian Food Delicacies

Delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies

North Region

North Indian Cuisine includes the food from the Hilly regions that are part of Himalayas, fertile plains and the Rajasthan desert. The regional food is climate based. North Indian food uses spices such as cumin and cinnamon and depends on fresh green chilies to add quite a bit of heat. On one hand the food from the Himalayan region is extremely rich. Although the food is high on dairy, there is still plenty of choice for the Vegans. Some of the Vegan items to gorge on are Rotis, Naans, Pooris. Plenty of Curries options are there such as those made from legumes, Potatoes or Okra. Parathas are Indian stuffed flatbreads consumed usually with butter or ghee. However, Vegans can replace butter with any vegetable oil. Rice lovers can have the taste of North Indian Pulav, a fried rice dish consisting of abundant vegetables. Besides the above rich flavourful Dals and vegetables are extremely popular. These are just a few of the many vegan dishes one can find in North Indian cuisine. Within North Indian cuisine, there are sub-cuisines like Kashmiri, Sindhi, Himachali, and Rajasthani . These traditional vegetable-based dishes are easy to veganize if not already vegan.

South Region

Talking about Delicious Vegan Indian Delicacies how can anyone miss out on the food from South India. South India has coastline and uses abundance of Coconuts. Coconut is extensively used in their curries, Chutneys and just as it is. Rice is the main stable cereal. There is extensive use of red chilies in the region. Since rice dominates the cuisine, it is used to make fermented batters. The batter finds its use in noodles (sevai/idiyappam). Pillowy soft rice cakes (idlis) stuffed with lentils and savory breakfast crepes (dosas) are two popular morning meals, both typically served with a slightly spicy coconut chutney.

There is also Vada, a Crispy deep-fried savory lentil donut, Upma, a soft porridge made from broken wheat and vegetables, and Sambar, a flavored rice of tamarind, spices, vegetables, and lentils. Although use of yoghurt is extensive, any vegan can substitute it with a suitable non-dairy item such as Soyabean. Honestly speaking, the southern cuisine is the most vegan friendly of all.

West Region

Since North and South has influenced the western cuisine, one can see the glimpse here. Popular vegan street snacks like Golgappas or Pani Puri,bhel puri, Sev puri, Vada pav, Samosa pav, Dhokla, and Patra are always among the favourites. Just like the south the coastline influences west India’s cuisine. Regions close to the coast have an extensive use of coconut and that of mainland prefer peanuts. Daily Cuisine includes vegetarian dishes that include Roti, Phulka, or Bhakri; and Daal made from different lentils. All of these are generally vegan.

East Region

When it comes to Eastern cuisine, it is a mixture of various cuisines. Sikkim’s and Meghalaya region is Chinese influenced and has dishes like Thukpa, Chowmein consumed in plenty. There is extensive use of mustard oil which adds a strong flavour to the food. Although the food is predominantly non-vegan, there are many options that are not. Especially in Bengal dry sabzis (Vegetable dishes) cooked in mustard oil are extremely popular.

Indian Desserts and Snacks

The mention of delicious Vegan Indian delicacies is not complete without the mention of desserts. Indian desserts are mostly dairy based however there are options such as Kaju and Badam Katli that deter from dairy products.

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