Happy News Of The Day :-) A Dog Rescued From Rising Tides With A Sausage Attached To A Drone

Drone rescues a dog
Drone rescues a dog

In this era of glorious uncertainties, there are still a few things which are certain – like someone’s love for a dog which knows no boundaries. A dog was recently rescued from rising tides with a sausage attached to a drone – setting another example of our unconditional love for dogs.

What actually happened?

The dog called Millie, went missing was later found stranded on mudflats near Portsmouth – a city in England. The chances of Millie being reunited with her owner seemed increasingly unlikely, when a rescuer had the idea of attaching a sausage to a drone with the hope of tempting her to safety.

That prompted all the rescuers including police, firefighters, and coastguards to swiftly swing into action

How the plan worked?

Sausage-wielding drones were deployed as part of a massive dog rescue operation after the beloved pet got lost on some dangerous mud flats. Rescuers turned to Millie’s favourite treat to tempt her away from the high tide and back towards safety.

The drone plan worked eventually

The pork-dangling plan worked, with the dog following the sausage towards her rescuers, away from the rising tides, to safety. The maximum take-off weight of the drone had to be checked before attaching the sausage to it to make sure it would fly.

A happy ending

Once on higher ground, Millie ran away a second time, leaving her owner Emma Oakes worried once again for her safety. The pet was eventually found inland from the marsh and ran into the arms of her owner’s father when she was found.