Good News For Dog Lovers – A Unique App To Find A Missing Puppy

An app to find a missing dog
An app to find a missing dog

You do not have to give a ‘missing’ advertisement in a local newspaper to find your puppy. Thanks to the technology and some innovative thinking, you can now find your missing puppy with the help of an app called ‘Smart Snout’. The app is developed by Bradley Watson.

Bradley inspired by a police show in which cops used the fingerprint technology to nab culprits. He thought of using the same by treating missing dog’s nose like a human fingerprint. Experts believe that there is a unique pattern in a dog’s nose which is distinctive when coupled with the shape of its nostril openings.

Smart Snout going to give a lot of relief to dog owners

This new development may make microchipping an old phenomenon.

How it works?

  • Download the app – Smart Snout
  • Pay up for subscription
  • Fill in basic details such as name, breed and colour
  • Upload the picture of your dog’s nose
  • Once that information is completed, finder could simply scan the snout and the owner and the finder will be alerted to the dog’s identity
  • The app uses your phone’s camera to record the detail and pattern in the same way that scanners work on human fingertips.
  • This technology can make a unique biometric record of any dog’s identity within its database
  • The app has already acquired more than 2000 subscribers.

Smart Snout has been launched with the aim of deterring criminals from stealing your beloved dog. It is estimated dog thefts have risen following increased demand during pandemic induced lockdowns.

This new app may help fight the menace of dog snatching better than microchipping. While getting a chip implanted in your dog is a smart thing but authorities generally do not have sensors to track it.