Friday, December 8, 2023

Long Distance Relationship Comes With A Lot Of Risks. Are You Prepared?


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They say that love knows no boundaries. While it may sounds music to ears but there are a lot of factors that may impact long distance relationship between the two consenting individuals. While technology has bridged the gap to a great extent but the very need to see, touch and feel the person you love is still non-negotiable. So, what one should do? Well, if you are aware of the risks involved in a long distance relationship, you would be better prepared to create a safeguard mechanism around your relationship and ensure that it survives the test of time.

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest disadvantages of a long distance relationship –

Risk #1 : Greater chances of an argument

In a long-distance relationship both the partners are unable to communicate properly which fuels a lot of anger and frustration that may strain any relationship. It also sometimes feels like it is one-sided efforts put by the partner to keep the relationship going, while that may not be the case. There is also a chance of misinterpretation by your partner of things said by you. That opens up a lot of scope for unnecessary arguments.

Long distance relationships can be saved with simple steps

Risk #2 : Lack of communication

Lack of communication generally occurs in long-distance relationships due to which you may feel that you have been left alone. The sense of loneliness might disturb your thoughts and feelings which leads to a sarcastic tone in your conversation – something that spoils the relationship. Despite your best efforts, your tone may get unsavory and result in conflict.

Risk #3 : Distrust despite best efforts

Mistrust is the most common problem that arises in a long-distance relationship due to a lack of physical distance between the partners. Problems are there in a relationship but lack of trust may cause harm or threat to your relationship. You may not be doing anything wrong consciously but there is always a scope of suspicion because your partner is not seeing you at regular intervals.

Risk #4 : Testing patience limits

There is always a possibility of you running out of patience since there are no visible outcomes despite your best efforts. You want to see quick results that are practically not possible and may make you think ‘what’s the point in keeping this alive?’ This is a common human behavior and for this you should not blame yourself.

In long distance relationship, sometimes things do not work despite best efforts

Risk #5 : Increased expenses

The traveling expense is a little costlier in a long-distance relationship. An extra expense is required to meet your partner and is also a bit time-consuming. You will also face other expenses like a higher internet consumption, phone calls and text bills. It also causes difficulty to have a deeper conversation with the partner.

Risk #6 : Greater chances of cheating

The common worry in the long-distance relationship is the chances of cheating. There is always a possibility of that, but a lot of times there are genuine reasons also for your partners to not answer your calls and reply back to your text immediately. But human behavior is such that it always suspects and that is natural.

Risk #7 : It gets boring after a time

Though a lot of times, long distance relationships survive the test of time, but there are also a chance of you getting bored and start looking for better options – where you are able to meet the person you love and spend some time physically. Remember – virtual can never replace real!

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