10 Most Admired Ways To Be More Romantic In Your Relationships


You’ve probably heard a couple’s story of how they met get described as being “so romantic,” or the phrase might be used to describe a particularly dramatic or meaningful gesture from one person toward the object of their affection. Some people might even describe themselves as a “hopeless romantic” in general. But what does that word really mean? Let us suggest you the 10 most admired ways to be more romantic in your relationships.

Here’s what romance is really all about, plus how to be a more romantic partner in your relationship.

Here are just a few ideas for how to be romantic, from big gestures to small habits you can sprinkle on your daily life together:

  1. Tell them you love them, often.
  2. Write a love letter reminding your partner of all the reasons you love them.
  3. Engage in more sensual foreplay ideas.
  4. Practice having slower, more emotionally connected sex.
  5. Take note when your partner mentions something they want, and buy it as a present for them.
  6. Plan a romantic getaway with your partner from top to bottom, so they don’t have to think about any of the planning details.
  7. Always kiss your partner good morning, good night, hello, and goodbye.
  8. After you get to the end of a day together, tell your partner the things you liked most about the day together.
  9. Journal about your dates and experiences with your partner so you remember them in detail.
  10. Reminisce about your fondest memories together—bring up specific details about your partner and the way you felt about them in those moments.