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Shoaib and Sania Divorce Received Support From Indian and Pakistan Fans After Divorce


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Sania’s cryptic post on the social media triggered rumours of her separation from husband Pakistan Cricketer Shoaib Malik. Fans from India and Pakistan extended support to the Indian Tennis Star.

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Sania Mirza’s wedding to Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik created quite a stir back in 2010. All the controversy arose considering the fact that both India and Pakistan are rivals. However, there were others who saw the marriage as merging of two cultures. Since then, both have settled in Dubai and the couple often travelled between India and Pakistan. Recently a post of Shoaib had created speculations of his separation with Sania. The former had shared post of his son’s birthday celebrations along with the tennis star. Following the rumours of Shoaib and Sania Divorce, the latter received support from both India and Pakistan. Earlier, the couple was seen celebrating their son’s birthday.

Close friends confirmed Shoaib and Sania divorce, No confirmation from couple

Shoaib Malik recently shared the birthday pictures of her son’s birthday with Sania Mirza. However, the strange caption startled many fans who found it absurd. He captioned the post with the words.

“When you were born, we became more humble and life meant something special to us. We may be not together and meeting everyday but Baba is always thinking about you and your smile every single second.May Allah give you everything you ask for @izhaan.mirzamalik

Baba & Mama love you 💕”

Shoaib Malik Post on Son’s Izhaan Birthday

No Confirmation from Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik Yet

Friends might have confirmed the news; however, the couple are yet to put their approval. The news has become viral, in spite of the couple choosing to remain mum over the topic. Earlier, Sania posted a picture of her walk in the park. Hardly had she posted the picture; it opened a floodgate of emotions. Sania Mirza received support from the fans. Through the comments, the fans also comforted the player. Although not confirmed, the reason behind the divorce is Shoaib’s infidelity. Offering their support to the Indian tennis star, the fans comforted Sania Mirza. Most of the fans said whatever come they will always support her. It is evident from comments that Shoaib and Sania Divorce has disturbed many of their fans.

Fans shocked at the news, eager to know the updates

The last pictures of Sania and Shoaib were circulated on social media as they celebrated their son Ishaan Mirza Malik’s birthday in Dubai.

Fans comments
Fans comments on Sania’s Post

But what grabbed eyeballs was why Sania refrained from posting any pictures. We wonder if the couple will come out soon and announce their separation from their 12 years of marriage.

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