Friday, June 9, 2023

Priyanka Goswami Wins Silver Medal


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Big Win For India Priyanka Goswami Wins Silver Medal

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Big win for team India, as Priyanka Goswami an Indian athlete wins the Silver medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. She is the first women who wins the race walk by covering the distance of 10,000 m. Its a proud moment for India, as Priyanka Goswami wins the Silver Madel.

Priyanka stated during the conversation that she has the Lord Krishna with her and she takes him in every competition. The Lord Krishna brings luck for him. She also said that she painted her nails with Indian National Flag colour. She feels proud of winning the silver medal for India.

Earlier Priyanka wins Indian Racewalking Championship in 20 Km race by covering the distance at 1:28:45. After winning the distance of 1:28:45, Priyanka was qualified for the 2020 Summer Olympics. She herself practice alot and it shows that she is truly hardworking sports person.

Goswami has the keen interest in athletics. She practised gymnastics during her school days. She is hardworking women. Her passion for winning the medal for India is always seen. In 2017 she won the Indian Race walking Championship.

Women are creating the benchmark in the Commonwealth Games. Women like Priyanka Goswami, and Tulika Mann who won silver medals at the Commonwealth Games 2022. Many other women like Mirabai Chanu won the Gold medal for India, Pooja Gehlot, PV Sandhu, and many other women all are setting the benchmark in the Commonwealth Games. These are the women who follow their true passion to win the medal for India. We are all proud of these women’s for winning the medal for team India.

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