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Asia Cup 2022:Virat Kohli’s Bowling Skills Steals the Show


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Spectators were in for a treat during the India vs Hong Kong match. Virat Kohli bowled after six years was highlight of the match.

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India met Hong Kong in its second match of the Asia Cup 2022. Riding high on the confidence after its nail biting finish against arch rivals Pakistan, India took on the lesser fancied Hong Kong.”Kya Hai Ye,” (What is he?), Virat Kohli’s pompous question on Suryakumar’s brilliance after the latter’s 68 not out in India Versus Hong Kong. Kohli pointed out to those players standing around Indian dressing room. Former Indian batsman bowed to his fellow partner on the ground as he hit the ball out of ground 12 times. Virat Kohli’s Bowling skills came on display as he tried his luck with the ball. Although he didn’t shine with the bat, his comfort and prowess with his bowling was on show.

Kohli’s reaction on Suryakumar’s innings

Virat Kohli’s Bowling stole the show in a Suryakumar inspired win

There is no doubt that Suryakumar’s innings was spectacular in itself. Many knew of his capability to hit, but his range of shots on display were enough to amaze everyone. KL Rahul and Virat Kohli contributed only 56 runs of 8.4 overs was an illustration of bad batting. However Suryakumar Yadav’s half century came as a respite and relief to the former champions. His thrilling knock at the right time, with his 26 ball unbeaten 68 powered them to 192/2 to a defending total.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

After a gap of 6 years, spectators got a glimpse of Virat Kohli’s Bowling

When Virat Kohli got hold of the ball during the 17th over to the delight of his fans. Although he did not pick any wicket, he only conceded 6 runs. Earlier he had mentioned to increase his tally of wickets if his team trusted his ability to ball. The last time Kohli bowled in T20 was in 2016, thanks to Dhoni. At that time India needed to defend 7 runs in the last over. Unfortunately Kohli had failed during the time. During one interview with Star Sports, Kohli opened up on his team’s lack of trust in his bowling ability.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

“No one in the team believes in my bowling but I do. After that I had back issues and then never bowled (in an international match)

Virat Kohli in a Star Sports Interview

Besides Virat Kohli’s Bowling, he performed with both bat too

After his 35 against Pakistan in India’s Asia Cup opener, Kohli struck a fast 44 runs off 59 balls against Hong Kong.

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