David presents Brooklyn Nicole a $500,000 classic Jaguar

David Beckham gifts Newlyweds
David Beckham gifts Newlyweds

David Beckham gifts Newlyweds Brooklyn and Nicole with a vintage Jaguar

David Beckham gifts Newlyweds with a Lunaz company’s classic Jaguar.He gifted Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz a vintage electric Jaguar on their wedding.The newly weds looked regal beyond words. They both recreated Meghan and Harry’s reception moment in a convertible.Both married at Nicola’s billionaire father Nelson’s $103 million(79 million pounds) Palm Beach Compound.David Beckham, ex footballer is the owner of a one-tenth stake in the UK based Lunaz. Lunaz is a car restoration and electrification firm. The ace footballer signed the deal last June. Besides, he also has an investment in e-sports, cannabis and automobiles. Although he and Victoria went to get the vehicle initially.Not only David Beckham gifts newlyweds the keys, but also gave an emotional speech .He custom coloured the vehicle blue and chose to let the name stay anonymous.

David Beckham gifts Newlyweds
David Beckham gifts Newlyweds Jaguar

Brooklyn Nicole marries in a lavish wedding amongst traditions.

David Beckham gifts Newlyweds-Hollywood top names join the celebrations.

David Beckham gifts his son
David Beckham gifts his son with a Jaguar

David Beckham rendered an emotional speech besides handing over the gift keys.Hollywood’s top names attended the occasion. The scene almost replicated the wedding of Harry and Meghan’s at the Windsor’s .However, Emma Bunton and Geri Honner did not attend wedding. A Rabbi solemnised the extravaganza under a flower covered Chuppah. ‘Chuppah’ is a canopy under which the Jewish people stand for their wedding ceremony.The Jewish celebrations honoured Nicole’ Jewish background.

Brooklyn honors Jewish traditions-Smashes a napkin covered glass.

Also, Brooklyn Beckham smashed the glass covered in napkin under the heels as a tradition. Thereafter they both kissed as the Rabbi pronounced them man and wife. Both Romeo and Cruz,Brooklyn brothers were the Joint best men.Nicola brother Brad and Her grandmother were her man and maid of honour.The Hollywood leading names Gordon Ramsay, Eva Longoria , and Mel B And Mel C all attended the occasion.

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