Sunday, December 3, 2023

Shreyas partners with Ultrahuman to boost his performance


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Ace cricketer partners with Ultrahuman, metabolic fitness platform, built on an app and supported by wearable patch

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In a Technology-driven world, every player desires to make use of the most optimal performance both on and off-field. There are no two ways that cricket is a demanding sport and involves players being fit at all times. An all-format player like Shreyas requires aid to measure not only his performance but also his fitness level, for instance, the wear and tear of the body. Shreyas is exploiting technology to understand and take decisions helping to elevate one’s game. The star batsman Shreyas partners with Ultrahuman to gain actionable insights and optimize the training and performance. According to Shreyas Iyer “Ultrahuman gives me better insights into my performance, training, and my diet, which help me be more focused, feel good and give my best on and off the field.”

Shreyas Partners with Ultrahuman
Shreyas Partners with Ultrahuman

How does Ultrahuman M1 work?

Ultrahuman M1 is a wearable patch based on an app. The underlying principle on which the app works is to monitor one’s glucose levels in the body. Any athlete undergoes a large number of cardiovascular activities. The “Ultrahuman M1”, tracks their metabolic health whilst getting intelligent nudges based on glucose biomarkers. The system helps plan Shreyas’s exercise, sleep, and nutrition needs based on deep insights from the platform. Besides The M1 tracks the cricketer’s metabolism the whole day. Shreyas partners with Ultrahuman with just one thing in mind, “FITNESS.”

Shreyas partners with Ultrahuman to elevate performance

Ace cricketer joining hands with Ultrahuman was only to achieve a single objective,” Understanding body for best performance.” Shreyas has said again and again that he believes in the theory of learning and evaluation as it helps him become a better player. Using Ultrahuman is like an aid that provides a detailed analysis of the performance and helps an individual stay fit. Not only that it shall help him be more focused both on and off-field. Besides, the app has given a disciplined approach to Shreyas’s lifestyle. Most popular sportspersons have one thing in common fitness. By fitness, it is not only the physical fitness, but rather it is the overall package.

Ultrahuman useful for any athlete from any sport

Let’s go through the benefits Shreyas shall reap out of the association. As mentioned before Shreyas resolve to keep him associated with the app. Now let us dive into the benefits this app shall do for him.

Benefits of Ultrahuman M1 App

  • Monitor diet and plan a balanced diet based on his body vitals
  • Manage Fitness routines such as improving his training, better off-season weight management, and in-competition performance.
  • Insights on glucose levels and metabolic factors, e.g. a spike in glucose level triggers the system to issue the wearer a sign to take a walk
  • Availability of coaches and scientists who work in association to provide him with data-driven insights to plan his routine training.

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