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How To Keep Your Smartphone From Overheating?


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Follow these 5 Tips to prevent Smartphone from Overheating during this Summer

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Scorching temperatures especially the Indian Summers are unbearable. Although the monsoons bring the much needed relief, the weather in the North remains quite high. There is no doubt that the outside temperatures in North India touch in the range 100 degree Fahrenheit and above. The temperature is enough to make any smartphone functioning go haywire. Consequently the portable devices can break down when the temperatures spike in summers. Smartphones like Apple’s iPhone and iPad operate in an ideal temperature range of 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Any high temperature outside can result in the damage of the battery. Prevent Smartphone from Overheating by following these 5 tips.

Mobile Overheating
Mobile Overheating

Following these guidelines one can prevent the dreaded message to appear on your phone, “Temperature: iPhone needs to cool down” alert indicating that your device is too hot to function. 

Prevent your Smartphones from overheating

How to Prevent your Smartphones from Overheating?

Here are 5 Tips you can follow to prevent your devices from heating up:

Don’t leave your phone in your car

First and Foremost tip to prevent your smartphone from overheating is to avoid leaving in the car. In the scorching hot weather, the temperature can rise very high. According to Apple , the ideal temperature to store Apple iPhone is below 100 degree Fahrenheit. It is also advisable to keep your phone away from direct Sunlight as it absorbs sunlight. According to Apple Support, here are some techniques to manage operating temperatures.

Excessive Playing of Games or Video

Continuous use of graphic intensive applications such as video games, or other videos or even using camera to record for a long period. Using long route navigation also spikes the temperature. Thus it is advisable to reduce the activity, else it shuts down. Besides reducing the brightness consumes less battery and prevents it from overheating.

Close apps that you’re not using

Open Applications also elevate the temperature. Apps like Maps and GPS continue in the background and reduce the speed. Thus it is advisable to close the applications one is not using. Creation of Hotspot also leads to heating up your phone.

Covering Phone

One of the ways to prevent your smartphone from overheating is not to cover it up. Covering the phone entraps the heat and increases it temperature. Moreover it prevents the device from cooling down.

Avoid putting your overheated phone on Cool surface

The biggest mistake you can make is to put your heated phone over a frozen surface or an very cold one. It can give your phone a thermal shock and even cause the screen to crack .

Following the above tips you can prevent your iPhone or Smartphone from Overheating. These smartphones is a costly investment, and these 5 hacks can help you prevent the damage. Following these steps you no longer have to search for ways on ‘ how to prevent smartphones from overheating?’

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