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Apple iwork 12.0 updates new features


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Apple releases updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote

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The American multinational company Apple added cool features to its work suite. Apple introduced excititing features to its Pages, Numbers and Keynotes.These features have added a new dimension to how one can interact with Apps on device.For instance a user can now directly publish to Apple Books. Also,the other noteworthy Apple iwork 12.0 updates include the following:

  1. New and Improved Shortcuts
  2. Voice Controls
  3. Publishing directly to Apple Books
  4. Use Siri Shortcuts to open Pages

The iconic company continues to ride on Innovation High with its Apple iwork 12.0 updates

Apple iwork 12.o updates: What’s new?

The table below lists the latest features on Pages, Numbers and Keynote

S.NoPagesNumbers Keynotes
1Published directly to Apple Books with File size of upto 2GB Copy snapshot of table cells without formula,categories or hidden values. Enlarge the slides to a zoom level of 400%.
2.Published Insert page numbers
anywhere in your document
Create Formulas and quickly fill cells with autofill using Voiceover.Edit the font size precisely to nearly 2 decimal places.
3.Edit the font size precisely to nearly 2 decimal places.Edit the font size precisely to nearly 2 decimal places.
4Read comment and Track
changes using Voiceover
List of what’s new on Apple’s iwork updates-Pages,Numbers and Keynotes

Comparison of iwork 12 and MS Office

Here are 5 reasons to chose Apple’s iwork 12 over MS Office

iWork 12 MS Office
1.iWork is completely free and unrestricted
on any Apple device
MS Office comes with a subscription cost
2.iWork has a cleaner interfaceCluttered Interface with Options and Menus
3.Deeply integrated into every Apple software
and Hardware
The integration is difficult for MS Office
4.Real Time CollaborationReal Time Collaboration
5.iWork has the option by default to store
as pages,key and numbers.However they
can be opened in standard formats
Compatibility issues with MS Office are a concern
Comparison of Apple’s iWork 12 and MS Office Suite

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