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#RIPTwitter Trends on Twitter after mass resignations raise questions


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With employees asked to either accept the harsh terms or put down their papers. There is no one left to fix things, farewell memes go viral.

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Reports of mass exit of employees from one of the popular microblogging sites has raised questions about the future of the company. Many exited the micro-blogging platform even as new owner Elon Musk maintained that the site is witnessing “all-time high” usage. According to reports, hundreds of employees have since left the social media company amidst the ultimatum from Musk, who asked the staff to work to work long hours or risk losing the jobs. Hundreds of Twitter employees are estimated to be leaving the beleaguered social media company following an ultimatum from Musk, who demanded staff sign up for “long hours at high intensity,” or lose their jobs. #RIPTwitter trends on Twitter as the engineers responsible for bugs fixing and service outrages prevention and stability of the platform.

RIP Twitter Trends
RIP Twitter Trends

Mass exodus creates doubts, feel Twitter end is near, #RIPTwitter trends on Twitter

Many engineers who have fixed bugs, prevented the breakdowns and even addressed questions on the stability of the platform have made a mass exit. On one occasion a version of Twitter app slowed down, the public version was facing risk of breakdown during the night. According to Reuters, there was no one to fix the bug in case the system does crash. With the situation seeming bleak, the users since then have flooded the platform with farewell memes. Nio wonder #RIPTwitter trends on Twitter following the fear. For instance British-American journalist and broadcaster Mehdi Hasan wrote on Twitter.

Journalist and Broadcaster expressed his views

Netizens have made RIPTwitter as the top trending hashtags in India.

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