Get rid of your password remembering hassle now

Apple Google eliminate passwords
Apple Google eliminate passwords

Apple, Google, Microsoft plan to drop password now

Lets face it, managing password is a task in itself. Managing your online passwords can be a chore. In order to create complicated passwords consisting of alpha numeric characters along with symbols is overwhelming. However, considering the record number of data lapses in the US, the step becomes vital and critical. Additionally it becomes necessary at times that one changes his password at regular intervals to stay ahead of the hackers. Wouldn’t it be nice if one does not have to worry about password? Apple Google eliminate passwords and are taking the lead in this direction. Other tech companies such as microsoft have also followed suit. India today Tech reports that one can sign in to Apple, Google and Microsoft without a password.

Access Microsoft, Google and Apple without password

Apple Google Microsoft eliminate passwords, Password-less world is possible, biggest tech companies reveal

Some of the leading players in Technology feel that a password free net is possible in the coming times. Although, one still authenticates the system with account information, but he doesn’t have to remember unique combination of password.

Is it easy? How secure are they?

Elimination of Passwords, and the underlying security

Before we study the elimination of passwords, it is important to understand the risks.

  1. Make the system risky: Elimination of passwords makes the system more risky. Hackers intercept the verification codes, finger print and face recognition systems. They can sometimes steal the biometric data. Whether it is changing your password or biometrics, both are equally challenging.
  2. Some Password-less options still ask for a PIN: Some of the options that don’t require password still require PIN. That is also about the same thing as remembering ones password.
  3. Technology adoption: Although most people have smart phone, there is a variation in their internal configuration.

In other words, it will likely still be some time before passwords are completely extinct. Enjoy typing your long, complex strings of characters into login boxes while you can.

Password-Free options exist

Microsoft, Google have password-free options

Microsoft MS Authenticator : The company announced that users can access services like Windows, Xbox, and Microsoft 365. Its users can use Windows Hello or MS authenticator apps which employ fingerprints or facial recognition to log in securely. Microsoft lets user access using a code sent to your phone or email or a security key resembling a USB Drive, that features an encryption unique to you.

MS Authenticator does not require passwords

Google Security Key and Smart Lock App: This feature allows the user to tap a button on the Android or the iOS device to access ones google account on the web. Last year the company announced that they were working towards a password free culture.

Apple Touch ID and Face ID

Although Apple used Touch and Face ID for many years. Also the company developed Apple’s Passkeys feature to allow fingerprint and facial recognition to create password less logins for apps and accounts on iOS devices.

Companies heading towards a Password-less Future

Although all companies are trying to adopt a password-less future, yet it shall take some time. Leading companies have shifted to password-less options to log into their corporate accounts. However, complete integration shall take time for people to leave passwords and start using something new.

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