What does Apple Smart bottle do?

Apple smart water bottle
Apple smart water bottle

Applications of Smart Bottle

There is no second opinion about the fact that technology has revolutionized the world. The countries are heading towards a complete change. Whether it is our gadgets, classrooms or even our cities, technolgy has influenced everything. Recently Apple launched Hidrate Spark Smart bottles. Now the questions that one may ask,” What is special about a smart bottle?” “Why is it so called?” “How is it different from an ordinary water bottle?” The current article explores some of the important aspects and Applications of Smart Bottle.

Growing concern of proper Hydration

Adequate Hydration is an important concern amongst all the age groups. Drinking adequate quantities of water. According to AliveCor , a medical device company producing ECG hardware and software for consumer mobiles, proper hydration is the key to maintain cardiac health.

One article in Nyasa Times points to the importance of hydration in the body. It can prevent these minor problems. Blood Normalizer, Fluid Balance and Muscle Fuel are some of the many applications of drinking water.

Hydration Requirement and Smart Water Bottle Industry

The increase demand of water has elevated need for smart water bottle. Many smart bottles exist in the market. These are specifically designed to serve different needs and lifestyles. While some are simple in operation, others are high-tech gadgets. High-price or low, one thing is certain that they elevate ones hydration, overall quality and health.

Principle on which Applications of Smart Bottle is based

Smart water bottle is made of components that help to determine an individual water requirement. Here are the components that makes the gadget:


Any smart device has a basic software through which it connects to the phone app. This app tracks the amount of water consumed, goals for the day and the limit. Once the individual monitors his daily water intake it helps to maintain the hydration level. For this reason a good software is essential for Smart water bottles.

Ability to connect to Apps

Additionally a cool feature of the bottles is to connect with fitness apps. This allows the transfer of data from the smart water bottle to the fitness app. In other words, it keeps a track of an individual’s daily water intake.

Main Applications of Smart Bottle

Smart Water Bottles keep a track of water intake

Most high-tech gadgets use alike technologies to track the limit of water. Accelerometer is a tech device through which one can detect the consumption of water with gravitational pull. Also there are wight sensors that detect the mls of water consumed at one time. These sensors send the information to the apps which track the daily, weekly and monthly progress.

Alert Notifications

These water bottles can notify the user through alarms, light, sounds and vibrations. In the event the individual has not consumed water, a signal shall prompt you to drink. The various form of notifications could be Light, Sound or Vibration.

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