Friday, June 9, 2023

NASA’s spaceship hit Asteroid in a Historic mission


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A remarkable victory to be proud of, NASA yesterday struck an Asteroid to deflect its path. The hit is seen as a means of prevention of future disaster.

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As NASA’s spaceship hit Asteroid, the entire team erupted in ecstasy of having achieved a milestone. And why shouldn’t they be proud of? With the Earth surrounded by heavenly objects Meteors, Comets or Asteroids, there is always a danger of an impact. Even the director of NASA’s planetary science division Lori Gt themselves from as dangerous as an impending hit of a large extra-terrestrial objects.

Nasa’s spaceship hits Asteroid 7 million miles away

An attempt to avoid a major future catastrophe, NASA’s Spaceship hit Asteroid

In a historic achievement, NASA’s spaceship hit Asteroid on Monday. An asteroid located at a distance of seven million miles away in order to deflect its orbit. This test was especially critical considering a probable impact of the heavenly body with Earth. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) impactor hit its target, the space rock Dimorphos, at 7:14 pm Eastern Time (2314 GMT), after being launched from California in the epic mission.

NASA Spaceship hits Asteroid
NASA Spaceship hits Asteroid

Asteroid named Dimorphos is a 530-foot rock almost of the size of the Egyptian pyramids. There was a speck of light around an hour before the collision. NASA’s engineers couldn’t be happier as the spaceship hit the asteroid and the screen froze indicating the impact.

NASA Spaceship hits Asteroid
NASA Spaceship hits Asteroid

The force that DART imparted owing to its velocity depended on the weight and its constituents. Also, it depends on whether the asteroid is solid rock, or more like a “rubbish pile” of boulders bound by mutual gravity. NASA would have a shot in another two years’ time. LICIACube, a satellite separated from DART, expected to come close to the site in order to capture images of the collision. It shall soon send pictures to Earth in the next couple of months.

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