Friday, February 23, 2024

The Latest Update Of WhatsApp For The IOS Users


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The latest update of WhatsApp has come up with a new feature to add 32 participants in a group call. Available with version 22.8.80, the update features a redesigned interface with a social audio layout, speaker highlights, and waveform. Besides, WhatsApp voice message features bubbles and info screens for contact and groups.

User experiences of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging service with over 2 billion users Worldwide(Backlinko). One of the the few apps to be downloaded over 5 billion times, it is the most popular service in over 100 countries. Whatsapp new update has 4 new features for the group participants in the Meta-owned platform.

  1. Admin Delete
  2. Large Voice Calls
  3. Message Reactions
  4. Large File sharing
New features in Whatsapp update

WABetaInfo reveals information about the what the users should expect in the new WhatsApp version. Some of the new features incorporated are increased ways the users can express themselves through emoji’s.

The individual can enjoy this new update for their business meetings, community functions, or any other activity in which they need to inform a large number of people in one group call. 

Whatsapp Updates: Additional Security features

Whatsapp latest updates security features. For instance it keeps a check on the users who asks for any personal or financial details. Also, WABetaInfo points out further that whatsapp never asks credit card or a Personal Identification Number. WhatsApp doesn’t even ask money or confidential information to avoid terminating the account. Thus, the updates have added a feature of blocking a suspected user.

Report further added “There is no limit to WhatsApp fake accounts that may impersonate anyone, even your friends and family, so be aware when unknown contacts pretend to be someone you may know”.Β 

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