Friday, June 2, 2023

OnePlus TV Ad Campaign ‘Stay Connected’ bridges families


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Chinese Consumer Electronics Manufacturer, OnePlus’s Ad Campaign encourages the families to disconnect from the gadgets. Campaign features India’s actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Kapoor.

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OnePlus is one of China’s leading consumer Electronics Manufacturer. Known for its state-of-the-art products, it came up with a unique concept. Connecting family members together and switching off their devices is one way. One plus attempt to encourage people to spend family time is especially for those who are addicted to their devices. They launched the campaign with Shahid Kapoor and his wife Mira Kapoor. Campaign is entitled ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter’. OnePlus TV Ad campaign targets at bringing family members together. Also, it encourages them to disconnect from their Televisions.

Shahid and Mira bring charm to the new OnePlus TV Ad campaign

Utsav Goswami has come up with the OnePlus TV Ad Campaign which is unique, and apt. Created in partnership with Media Monks and under Suraj Wanvari’s direction, it seeks to bring families closer. The beautiful ad shows Mira watching a program on the TV. Home is all giving a festive vibe. Suddenly Shahid enters the house and tries to convey something to his wife. However, Mira is too involved in the program that she fails to recognize his presence. Highlighting the special time of the year and request Mira to disconnect from TV. The ad ends with Mira using a Voice Assistant to switch Off the TV.

One Plus Ad Campaign celebrates the importance of Family this festival

From listening to the stories from our grandparents to chatting on the phone, we have come a long way. More and More elders complain of kids busier with their gadgets than spending a family time. One plus has attempted to strike a balance between the talk time and family time. Here is what Shahid and Mira Kapoor and Ishita Grover (Director, Marketing Communications, One Plus India) had to say.

“We are living in a digital age where people across all age groups are quite invested in content consumption and might just miss out on celebrating milestone events with families. I firmly believe that the festive season is an apt occasion to remind people to switch off from their digital world and further strengthen their family bond by celebrating with their loved ones. The campaign has been beautifully crafted that leaves a strong message to bring families together and showcases how its connectivity with other smart features can make life easier.”

Shahid Kapoor on One Plus India Campaign

“Celebrating special occasions with family is a significant aspect of our lives and should be an experience to cherish for life. With its novel take on how families should come together to celebrate, OnePlus is bringing a refreshing take to the tech segment on how tech users can enjoy their lives with conscious use of their tech products, particularly on occasions that are meant to prioritise time with your dear ones.”

Mira Kapoor on One Plus India Campaign

Management Officials ecstatic about the message the Ad conveys

Management officials hope to see positive changes in live post the campaign. With the launch of campaign, OnePlus expects the users to enjoy the beautiful moments of togetherness with the family. Furthermore, the ad is targeted at encouraging users to make informed decisions in life and remain connected.

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