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Indian Independence Day Special: Khajuraho Monuments, Sex Temples of India


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As we celebrate Incredible India’s 75th Independence day, here is a peek into its rich heritage. Current article covers temples that have sexually clear depictions in statues, art forms and even just erect P**IS. Now UNESCO’s World Heritage sight, not many people know that these sexually explicit carved statues of men, women and animals came as a surprise to foreigners. 

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Located in Khajuraho, a beautiful village is located in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. This village is famous worldwide for its famous Khajuraho temples. These temples are also known as Sex Temples of India for they have abundant erotic sculptures. Considered as one of the seven wonders of India, these Khajuraho monuments have since 1986 found a place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Orginally known as “Kharjuravahaka”, kharjur and palm respectively. town’s name, anciently “Kharjuravahaka”, is derived from the Sanskrit word kharjur meaning “date palm”.

Khajuraho monuments, Sex Temples of India in true sense are marvels of Art

Although most individuals see Khajuraho’s famous sex temples of India as a symbol of erotic art, the reality is much beyond. Imagine the painstaking work that would have gone by to chisel these so life-like sculptures. Just made of local sandstones, the pieces are carved so perfectly that they just appear to just glue to each other. So much detailed is the depiction of the various erotic positions that even the British were shocked. Starstruck, shocked, they found that the whole temple had carved sculptures that depicted various positions of sexual act. Although the British might have just brushed it as some form of eroticism, they are a symbol of our art and culture. One can easily make out the aesthetic and architectural prowess of the sculptors. Doordarshan India’s documentary explores Khajuraho Temples in a video.

Khajuraho Temples or Sex Temples of India

Sexual Depictions with Detailing a part of Khajuraho Temples

Isn’t it strange that a land where s*x is still a taboo houses temples that has open depiction of its detail. What is even more interesting are immense detailing such as naked stone people, depictions of intercourse and even stone couples during love-making. What is surprising is that these temples dated back to 900-1100 AD and people of those times never found love-making as obscene or to be ashamed of. Rather during those times, sex was holy and sought as a way of gods.

Famous sex temples of India is a site of many religious ceremonies

Famous UNESCO’s world heritage site also is a site for ceremonies. Amongst them is the famous Lord Shiva and Parvati’s wedding that takes place every year. During the ceremony, many rituals are performed, one of which is bathing the sandstone phallus in Milk products such as Milk, Butter and Yoghurt. Also cow being a holy animal, its products are also used. P**IS stone sculpture is dressed and blessed. The whole ceremony, although sexual forms the basis of the Hindu creation story. Also the temples also host various dance festivals and some of the country’s most famous artists perform here. Sex is the very origin of life and it is high time we view it like that. And surprisingly the people who envisioned the Sex Temples of India were far mature and knowledgeable even in those times.

Its high time we discover the beauty of our ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA’.

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