Merge Mansion’s Valentine Collection attracts the attention of Netizens

Merge Mansion
Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion, a mobile puzzle game from Finland-based company Metacore, has garnered the attention of fans worldwide owing to its engaging gameplay. New updates and content for the players have kept them intrigued in the game.

Lately, there is a growing craze in the mobile games. Mobile companies have introduced tasks such as Home Furnishings and housekeeping needs. There have been subsequent updates, content, and events for the players. Valentine is just around the corner and there has been addition of a new game in the system. Metacore has added a new seasonal event to the game. Fans can grab exclusive and time-limited rewards in the game by completing its tasks. Interesting feature is the addition of Valentine’s Day Event 2023 to the game on February 3. Merge Mansion’s Valentine collection comprises of many Romance and love-themed items. In the new version , there is additional Lighthouse in the game.

Highlights of Merge Mansion’s Valentine’s Collection

Here are some of the things associated with Merge mansion’s Valentine’s Collection

The brand-new Valentine’s-themed seasonal event is expected to last till February 20. The event will be accessible to everyone at Level 12 or above. Initially, the event garage will be locked, but players above this level in Merge Mansion must complete the first task to unlock it. The key highlights of Merge Mansion’s Valentine’s Collection are given as under.

  1. The event will be accessible via the Gate of everyone’s normal Garage.
  2. Valentine’s Day Event 2023 will also remain available via the Calendar icon for the event button, given on the game’s map.
  3. The tasks will be centered around the maintenance of the Grand Drive and Gate areas, and players can get decorations for these regions.
  4. After completing each task, the event’s Progress Bar will start filling up, offering players different kinds of Reward Boxes (Progress Bar rewards).
  5. There are Valentine’s Day Points (or Coins) after completing the tasks related to fixing up, cleaning, or housekeeping and maintenance of the concerned region. Players can use these unique holiday points in the Valentine’s Day Collection Shop to unlock additional prizes in the form of decorations for Grand Drive and Gate areas.
Merge Mansion’s Valentine’s Day Collections that feature the following items:
Collection 1

Light of LoveCupid StatueHeart-Shaped FenceRound Bed of RosesPrivate MomentRight Bed of Roses

Collection 2

Left Bed of RosesDinner for TwoHeart-Shaped BalloonsMansion FacadeHeartwarming Entrance

Collection 3

Lover’s LaneRight Heart FenceLeft Heart FenceDessert CartLyrical Picnic

Collection 4

Valentine IgantiusA Lovely WelcomeSpeed Dating TableRomantic ChessValentine’s Dinner Table

All the items are priced in terms of Valentine coins. Players will earn from completing different tasks based on Merge Mansion Valentine’s Day Event 2023 storylines. One will have to use different generators like Valentine’s Gift Store, Rendezvous Makeup Set, Romantic Gift, Gift Card, et cetera to spawn different items and merge them to attain their required material.

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