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World Lung Cancer Day 2022:Yuvraj Singh, the cricketer who refused to get Bowled by Lung Cancer


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Yuvraj’s Lung Cancer Battle is nothing short of inspirational. In spite of suffering he put on his best to secure India the World Cup 2011.

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Sportspersons are great fighters. Known to never give up, they put on their best effort on the field. Although every battle is a challenge, but the one with cancer is extreme. Not only does it effect the individual but also his caregivers too. Depression, Hopelessness and Anxiety are common experiences due to which ones roles at personal and professional life is effected. And imagine an active cricketer like Yuvraj Singh getting Cancer. Yes, you heard it right. Not many know the story, but the guy who hit 6 sixes in the world cup too came close to getting cancer-stumped. Yuvraj’s Lung Cancer Battle is nothing less than an inspirational for many. His team players recall his vomiting blood on the field, but he continued in the game’s spirit. Afterall ‘ THE SHOW MUST GO ON’. On one instances, MS Dhoni recalled the time when he came to know about Yuvraj’s disease. Yuvraj Singh opened up on Anupam Kher’s Show and revealed his battle with cancer.

Yuvraj Singh Battle with Lung Cancer

In spite of Yuvraj’s Lung Cancer Battle, the sportsman didn’t give up

In the words of the sportsman himself, the battle Yuvraj’s Lung Cancer Battle didn’t halt his efforts for a comeback. Not only the nation, but he admitted to having self doubts. Treatment became a little easy as it was detected early. The very fact , and with proper care and medication and chemotherapy, he is hail and hearty now. After the news of Yuvraj’s cancer, more and more individuals are becoming aware. Thus to avoid any painful aftermaths of the disease one needs to understand the causes, symptoms, signs and Diagnosis.

The Test of My Life
The Test of My Life

Causes of Lung Cancer

Although smoking is the most common cause of Lung Cancer. Other factors include passive smoking and even pollution. The probability of having lung cancer is directly proportional to the extent of smoking. Thus the more the person smokes, the greater the risk of him developing cancer.

Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

One can look for these changes in the body, which could be symptoms of the Lung Cancer.

  • Intense and Persistent Cough
  • Pain in Chest and Shoulder, which is different than the cough pain.
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Change of Voice
  • Blood in the cough with problems like Bronchitis and Pneumonia
  • Loss of Appetite, and Weight Loss
  • Bone and Joint Pain

Yuvraj’s Lung Cancer Battle was won due to Early Detection

Medication, Chemotherapy and early detection at stage one helped Yuvraj become cancer free. People with history of smoking, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), should go for early detection screening tests.

Medical Diagnosis

Here are the tests that can verify the detection of the disease. It includes:

  1. Sputum Analysis
  2. Bronchoscopy
  3. CT Scans
  4. Evaluation of the molecular markers in the sputum.
  5. Physical examination
  6. History of the patient
  7. Chest X-ray
  8. Biopsy

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