Monday, June 5, 2023

PM released Cheetahs under Project Cheetah


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Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated Project Cheetah as India’s endeavour towards environment and wildlife conservation.

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In an attempt dedicated to conservation of wildlife and environment protection, Prime Minister dedicated Project Cheetah to the nation. One of the oldest known big cats, Cheetah’s had become extinct in 1952. Since then, there has not been a significant effort in restoring their numbers. After eight Cheetah’s had landed hours before from Namibia, PM released Cheetahs at the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood on a stage put above two crates. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav accompanied the Prime Minister. He took photographs of the big cats, which have been re-introduced to the country after 70 years. Following the release, the Prime Minister thanked Namibia for its efforts and drive to rehabilitate the animal to the area.

PM releases Cheetah
PM releases Cheetah

Prime Minister Released Cheetahs at two points, expressed his gratitude to rectify the past mistakes

The Prime Minister released the Cheetahs at two points in the park. Also, he interacted with Cheetah rehabilitation groups such as Cheetah Mitras, Cheetah Rehabilitation Management Group and students at the venue. Besides, he expressed gratitude in highlighting a handful of opportunities that come in order to rectify the mistakes of the past.

“Decades ago, the age-old link of biodiversity that was broken and became extinct, today we have a chance to restore it, ” he said. “Today, the cheetah has returned to the soil of India,” he added.“On this occasion, I congratulate all countrymen and especially our friend country – Namibia – and thank their government, with whose help the Cheetah has returned to India after decades. The conservation of the Cheetah will not only make us aware of our responsibilities towards nature but will also make us aware of our human values and traditions.”

Prime Minister Narinder Modi on restoration of past mistakes

Prime Minister also stressed on Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal, ‘Panch Pran’ and ‘heritage’

PM released Cheetahs and also addressed the Cheetah rehabilitation staff. The Prime Minister stressed on Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal, Panch Pran and Heritage. Additionally, he advised people to liberate themselves from slavery. Since many centuries man has exploited nature in the name of modernity and power. Recalling the three Cheetahs in the country in 1947, and they were hunted brutally in the Sal Forests making them extinct by 1952. Since then, there was no effort to restore their numbers. And as India celebrated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, the country has started to rehabilitate cheetahs with new energy.

India is preparing Detailed Cheetah Plan for rehabilitation. Prime Minister urges people to be patient to have a glimpse

The Prime Minister also revealed that a detailed Cheetah Action Plan is prepared in collaboration with South Africa and Namibia. Besides the scientists are conducting scientific surveys for the rehabilitation of the Cheetahs. Choosing the area at the Kuno National Park was the first step in that direction. Also the Prime Minister assured the people of the restoration of grassland ecosystem and creation of eco-tourism and employment opportunities. However, he cautioned the countrumen to remain patient for a few months and give the cats time to adjust to new surroundings.

to be able to make Kuno National Park their home, we have to give them a few months’ time. International guidelines are being followed and India is trying its best to settle these cheetahs. We must not allow our efforts to fail.”

Prime Minister requests the people to let the animals adjust to new habitat

“Today these cheetahs have come as guests and are unfamiliar with this area. For these cheetahs the Prime Minister said.

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