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Shark Tank Fame Ashneer Grover shows new Mercedes-Maybach S650


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Ashmeer Mercedes Mayback gets Netizens , shares picture on the Instagram

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Ashmeer Grover, one of the ‘Sharks’ in the Indian version of the ‘Shark Tank’ made headlines on the social media. Although, in the past he was in the news for all the reasons imaginable. From controversy with Kotak Mahindra to his resignation from Bharat Pe, the list is endless. However, is in the news for his post where he is posing with his Mercedes-Maybach S650. Ashmeer Mercedes Picture attracted love from the netizens as they liked his number plate.Grover shared the news on the Instagram along with an enticing caption, “The new number plate,” along with a winking emoji.

Ashmeer posts his Mayback, but Netizens find number plate fancier

Bharat Cofounder features in funny video, Netizens praise his rich vs middle class skit

Recently Ashmeer shared his picture and in the backdrop is his luxury Maybach. However what got the surfers attention was the number plate that says “ASHNEER G” and needless to say that they found more fancy than the car. Recently Ashmeer featured in a funny Video with the actor Shubam Gaur, comparing the lifestyle of Rich and Middle class people. The video highlights how rich people and middle-class people give directions. The video shows Ashmeer as a billionaire and Shubham Gaur as an average middle class India. In the video Ashneer gives a peek into how rich people give directions. The video focuses on how differently rich people and middle-class people give directions.

Ashmeer funny video
Ashmeer funny skit

Ashmeer’s Mercedes Maybach and funny video conversation

In the video, The video shows Grover speaking over the phone and giving directions to Gaur who is seen telling him in Hindi, “I have almost reached. Tell me where to come.” Grover replies, “Bring your car in the service lane. My guard will be outside. He will park your car.” Gaur asks with amusement , “The man wearing the Gucci T-shirt is your guard?”Grover replies to this by saying, “That person is the sweeper. The guard is someone else entirely. My Maybach will be visible after you enter. It’s a long car, cross it and come. You will find a Porsche parked behind it. A personal lift, or private lift, is located to the right of the Porsche. It opens at my front door. Just ring the doorbell.”The video then cuts to a middle-class man, enacted by Gaur. He is seen speaking to a friend, saying, “Yes you have to take a left from the roundabout. Yes, foreigner, the road on which the dog has defecated.”“Yes, you must drive down the battered road. Come in, there’s plenty of parking space. I’ll make sure you get a spot to park,” he adds.At this point, comic Saloni Gaur enters the scene and asks, “You’ve asked someone to bring the car into the lane again? Our neighbours will create an issue now.”To this, Gaur stated, “He’s coming on a cycle.”

Shubham Gaur posts a funny reel featuring Ashmeer Mercedes Maybach

Recently Shubham posted a reel featuring him and Grover as they talk about directions and landmarks. Showing the luxury car’s image, Gaur commented,“The lambi maybach jise taap kar aana hota hai.” 

Ashmeer , the proud owner of many Luxury Cars

Ashmeer Mercedes Maybach is not the only luxury car he has . Grover has a fancy of luxury Cars. As per the reports his garage has premium luxury cars one can ever imagine. From Mercedes to Porsche, the ‘Shark’ has it all. Mercedes Benz GLS 350, a Porsche Cayman, an Audi A6, and a Mercedes Maybach S650 are parked in his garage.

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