Genes versus Nutrition Imbalance

Genes versus Nutritional imbalance
Genes versus Nutritional imbalance

Lifestyle can overwrite heredity risks

Genes versus Nutritional imbalance studies the occurrence of diseases through lack of ingredients. These diseases are transferred from one generation to the next. Also, many of the individuals are still unaware that Heart Disease and Diabetes 2 are hereditary. Over years the incidence of these two diseases have scaled in the country by massive numbers. Here are the current statistics of the number of Diabetes and Cardiac patients in India. CNN News 18 presented the number of individuals suffering from Diabetes 2.

Statistics of Number of Diabetes as per CNN

The number of heart patients in the country is on the rise as well. India is currently at the third spot in the number of patients. The House of Pharma has warned the patients to be careful about their health. Both cardiac as well as Diabetes are known to run in the family.

It is possible to overturn the pattern of disease transmission.

Most people believe that Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes are passed along the family tree. However these can be prevented by changing ones life style. The genetic make up of an individual determines the transmission of the disease. However it can be prevented through imbibing a healthy lifestyle. Some of the studies regarding Genes versus Nutritional imbalance have been carried out. According to studies done by Wayne State University, adopting a healthy lifestyle reverses existing problems. The undertaken study demonstrated how adopting a disciplined life led to the reversal of existing problems.

Effect of just a simple walk is known to have wonders. Recently Rebel Wilson claimed she lost over 77 pounds of weight by walking and following diet

Prevent Heart Disease and Diabetes

Heart Disease

An individual’s lifestyle includes what he eats, exercises and sleeps. All these actions determine the lifestyle. So imagine an individual who doesn’t eat, sleep and exercises. Not only shall his health deteriorate but also lose energy. Incorporating natural ingredients in your diet can help you lower the blood pressure. An optimum blood pressure is required for maintaining heart, Kidneys etc.

Besides it is advisable to avoid Saturated Fats and Fried items. Milk products and Red Meats should not be consumed. These days a vegan diet is considered the optimal diet as it is known to show effects. Global Grind conducted a study entitled ‘Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities’.


Also the Diabetes is linked to the genetic make up. Exercise regime and weight management is the key to blood sugar management. Proper exercise is known to have improved the Hba1C levels.

Here are some of the ways to manage your blood sugar levels.

Adopt Healthy Habits

You can see the effects only if you adopt the habits soon. However even if one is not young, they can be effective. Thus with the help of right diet and exercise, the people can prevent heart disease and diabetes. Shifting to plant based diets are not only cheaper but a healthier option.

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