Sidhu Moosewala: Uncanny similarities between death and song


Fans see striking similarities between Sidhu Moosewala’s death and Song

On Sunday a shocking news came for Punjabi songs lovers. One of the popular Punjabi song artists got shot, while he was travelling in his Thar alongwith a couple of his friends. While Moosewala died a couple of minutes later, the other two are still critical. While Moosewala is dead now, his fans saw striking similarities between Moosewala’s death and song The Last Ride. Strangely there are some odd similarities between the circumstances of his death and his last song. His fans find the similarities of circumstances of his death and the situations shown in the song as odd.

Moosewala’s Death and Song Similarities

Renowned singer Sidhu Moosewala was assassinated in broad daylight was shot dead on Sunday evening. Last year he had contested the Punjab elections where he lost to his opponent. The singer was merely 28 and many celebrities have expressed shock at the singer’s death. However the thing that caught the fans attention was Moosewala’s Death and song Last Ride similarities. Many celebrities have expressed shock at the death of the singer and rapper. Singer had released a song on May 15 and loaded onto his official You Tube channel and goy over 10 million views. Singer paid tribute to Tupac Shakur who also got shot at the age of 25.

Punjabi Singers paid tribute to the singer

Many celebrities have joined to pay tribute to the singer. Earlier the singer fans pointed at Mososewala’s death and his song last ride. Here is the song Last ride. Many fans tweeted “Irony is the last song Sidhu Moosewala dropped was the last ride and its cover was 2 pac assassination car, the same way sidhu is killed.” Sidhu was also in his car when he was shot dead in Mansa, Punjab. “Two weeks after releasing a song called The Last Ride Sidhu was shot dead in his car. Such is life. Legend

Celebrities mourn the loss of the singer

Famous Punjabi singers Mika Singh, Diljit Dosanjh mourn loss

Celebrities too mourn the loss of the singer. Diljit Dosanjh referring to the news as heartbreaking said that the singer had tremendous talent and his hard work always showed.

Singer Mika Singh missing the lamented the singer went away too soon. Additionally people shall always remember his name and the fame he attained. Also he said that fans shall miss him.

Fans point at Moosewala’s death and similarities

Many of the singer fans point towards Moosewala’s death and similarities to his song Last ride. Its unreal that his date of death also resonates with his song 29-5. “What a Coincidence! Track 295 :- aaj ki date n month 29-5 (today’s date and month).”

Moosewala’s death and similarities

Singers hit songs

The rapper was born Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu in 1993. He gained fame and popularity track His other success stories are Issa Jatt, Selfmade, Famous, and Warning Shots.

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