Rakhi Sawant Blamed PM Modi For Giving Her Sleepless Nights

Rakhi blames PM
Rakhi blames PM

Rakhi claimed that she has been having sleepless nights for the past two days and blamed PM Narendra Modi for the same

Rakhi Sawant is all about controversy and just knows how to remain in the limelight. Extremely active on the social media, she continues to carry on with her antics. Daring or foolish as you may call it, she now has turned her radar towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Shocking as it may seems , but you heard it right! Rakhi Sawant blamed PM that she has had sleepless nights since the past two days and it is all due to the Prime Minister. She told that she is going to meet her boyfriend as he is not well.

Rakhi got allergic reaction after booster dose, blamed the prime minister Modi

Controversy is nothing new for Rakhi and this time the celebrity has blamed the prime minister. She told the Paparazzi that she has not slept properly since she had the booster dose and blamed the Prime Minister for the same. Claiming that her heart beat had significantly increased ever since she had the booster dose and she can’t even sleep. Addressing the people she said medical facilities should administer doses to only people above 60.

Rakhi Sawant Blames Prime Minister for her Booster Dose Allergies

After getting Booster shot, Rakhi Sawant blamed PM Modi

Rakhi Sawant recently shared a video of her getting a covid-19 booster dose and has criticized PM Modi. Commenting on the video,” one user pointed out to her to get the fillers and Botox out of her body so it won’t swell.

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