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Tips to stay healthy and fight rising pollution in our cities


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It is very much important to keep yourself healthy during the scorching season. The quality of air has become extremely low. It very much essential to wear a hygienic mask to protect from the harmful effect of pollution. Add a healthy diet in your regime. Probably the include those food in your diet which are full of antioxidants properties. It will improve the immunity level and keep your health safe and secure.

Here are the seven tip to stay healthy :

1.Wear Hygienic Mask

After the COVID -19 pandemic, the quality of air has become extremely deteriorated or we observe a decline in the quality of air. Whenever you are traveling try to put on a good quality Hygienic mask it will act as a shield to protect your health from harmful damages of pollution. Probably buy the N95 mask. It has some special features like it contains small filters, which purify the air pollutants and keep your breathing safe and happy.

2.Physical workout in the green belt area

Do your daily physical workout in your nearby green belt area. The air quality is slightly better as compared to any outdoor compound. There is less chance for interaction with polluted air. In the Green area, you will feel free to exercise. The Stomata in plants’ leaves will make you breathe more fresh oxygen.

3.Increasing the intake of antioxidant foods

Having a good diet, will protect our health and give us immunity to fight against the rising pollution in our cities. Try to add food that is full of antioxidant-rich nutrients like Vitamin C, A, E including strawberries, Blueberries, lemon, Dark Chocolate, spinach, etc. These are foremost to cure the problem of lungs and also fortify our health against air pollution. It also has an anti-inflammatory component which improves our immunity.

4.Put some Indoor plants

Put some indoor plants in your nearby areas like Aloe Vera, Spider plant, Bamboo plants, Golden Pothos, etc. It will maintain the quality of pure air and also act as an air purifier. You keep them within the house, as it doesn’t require any direct sunlight and has good water capacity.

5.Air purifiers are a must

Earlier hardly people used such purifiers to keep themselves healthy, but now things have changed, the growth of pollution is increasing day by day and density of air has become poor. Now the air is filled with toxic gases and pollutants which cause burning, irritation in our eyes, infection in the lungs, and many more health issues. Putting an Air purifier will safeguard the elders and young generation. Also, keep you away from allergies.

6.Hydrate your body 

Increase the intake of liquid intake so that you get enough energy to carry out your day-to-day activities. It will keep you fresh, refreshing and give you immunity to fight against pollution. In terms of your skin, try to apply aloe vera gel on your skin, and do not forget to use sunscreen lotions.

7.Cover yourself well

While traveling long or small distances, cover yourself well, wear some long transparent gloves to safeguard your hand skin, and cover your face with fine quality cotton clothes. It will keep you healthy and secure.

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