World No Tobacco day: Why People start smoking and Why it is hard to stop?

World No Tobacco Day
World No Tobacco Day

On World No Tobacco day Dive into the reasons what makes people start smoking the first time

The Indian Government has prohibited smoking in all the public places since 2000. In spite of the fact India is home to approximately 12% of the world’s smoking population. According to the Statista, India is only second to China in the number of smokers in the country. Tobacco has been one of the top revenue generators for the government. Subsequently, it is no surprise that the government encourages the sale of Tobacco products. In spite of hoardings and education about the harmful effects of Tobacco, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. On World No Tobacco Day, lets have a snapshot what makes people start smoking and what are its withdrawal symptoms

Smoking in India

Origin of Smoking in India

Practice of smoking can be traced in the country back to 2000 BC. A mention of Cannabis (plant used in the manufacturing of Marijuana) has a mention in the Atharvaveda. Techniques of smoking has been there for more than 3000 years. While people have indulged in drinking smoke since centuries, consumption of Tobacco is pretty recent. Tobacco got introduced in India the 17 century.

World No Tobacco Day
World No Tobacco Day

Reasons people start smoking

There is no one reason for smoking. Either one picks up the habit of smoking looking at others. Most of them have admitted getting into the habit in their teens. There were some children who thought it was cool to smoke. Another reason that attracts kids towards smoking is the vibe attached to it. Most smoking ads shown on the Television are exciting and glamorous. In an answer to the best way to control smoking, a fan answered on Twitter, movies.

Some other ways where a person can get addicted

In addition to the movies, many high tech and electronic inhaling gadgets encourage more and more teenagers to smoke more. These devices prepare the new users to get addicted to Nicotine. Many studies suggest that teenagers who started smoking young ended smoking as adults. Addition of anything is a repeated desire of the thing despite of its harmful effects. One of the known substance in cigarettes is Nicotine . Regular consumption of tobacco products leads to addiction in many users. .

Is smoking tobacco really addictive?

Why it becomes so hard to quit Tobacco?

As mentioned before excessive consumption of anything makes one addicted to it. Therefore it is obvious, when an individual restricts its use it shall cause side effects. These effects are usually referred to as withdrawal symptoms and usually start within an hour and can continue for days, months and years. Consequently they get better every day as the person stays tobacco free.

Smoking Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can include any of the following:

World No Tobacco day educates individuals about the harmful effects of the smoking and its addiction . Additionally it talks about the harmful effects of the withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can range from Headaches to Anxiety and Depression. Many individuals are not able to cope up with them and revert back to smoking again in a few days. Some of the symptoms include:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Lack of Sleep
  4. Difficulty in Concentration
  5. Boredom
  6. Weight Gain
  7. Increased Appetite
  8. Constipation
  9. Slow Heart Rate
  10. Chest Tightness

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