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5 Yoga Asanas for skin, Make your Skin glow with these Yoga postures


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Yoga for healthy and glowing skin: 5 yoga poses recommended

The practice of Yoga has gained immense popularity worldwide as a natural and safe alternative to achieving youthful glowing skin. Glowing skin is an invaluable beauty and health asset. Glowing skin is an asset and it not only enhances one’s appearance but also makes the person stand out in a crow For people of all ages glowing skin enhances the appearance and appreciation of oneself. People resort to various methods in their quest to achieve flawless and glowing skin. Yoga offers a comprehensive approach that includes breathing methodology, bodily posture, and meditation which aim to correct the root cause of the problem. A proper balance between the body and mind with a healthy lifestyle is the key to carrying off a healthy glowing skin naturally. This article throws light on 5 Yoga asanas for the skin and its skin

Causes of Unbalanced Tone and Dull skin-

  • Air pollution- Aside from leaving the surface of your skin feeling dirty, some chemicals attached to pollution particles can penetrate through the skin’s layers and cause oxidative stress which can weaken the skin’s barrier and trigger inflammation.
  • Excess oil production
  • Hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy, use of birth control pills, puberty etc.
  • Aging which causes thinning of skin, loss of collagen
  • Clogging of pores with dead skin cells and sebum
  • Photo aging from prolonged sunlight exposure, ultraviolet radiation, tanning
  • Bad lifestyle choices which include eating funk food, fatty food, excess alcohol, coffee, less of fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity and excessive cigarette smoking.
  • Medical conditions like allergies, infections, auto immune disease

Effects of yoga on skin

  • Asana improve digestion
  • Asana tone the muscles and improve flexibility
  • All forward band postures make blood flow into the face faster, bringing with it oxygen and other helpful nutrients that encourage skin cell renewal and give face a glowing skin
  • Asana  improve blood and oxygen circulation
  • Detoxify the body keeping the skin healthy  and glowing

Recommended Yoga Asanas for Skin

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)-Steps to do

  • Stand erect. Keep distance about 3 to 4 feet between your legs
  • Extend your arms at the shoulder level
  • Inhale and raise your right arm by the side of your head
  • Now, bend your right arm, exhaling towards the left side by keeping your body weight equally on both the feet. Ensure that the right arm is parallel to the ground
  • Maintain the position and come back to the original position by inhaling
  • Do the same procedure with the left arm
  • Perform three to five rounds

Sirsana (Headstand) Steps to do

  • Interlock your fingers and place forearms on the floor
  • Place the crown of your head between the interlocked hands
  • Raise hips and knees slowly off the ground
  • Straighten legs
  • Transfer the body weight to the interlocked hands and head when balancing
  • Lift off the ground and bring it in a straight line with trunk
  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Stay in the final pose for 2-5 minutes. Come back by flexing the knees and sliding them down to the floor in reverse order

 Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)Steps to do:

  • Come onto your fours. Form a table such that your back forms the table top
  • As you breathe out lift the hips up, straighten the knees and elbows, forming an inverted V-shape
  • Keep hands shoulder width apart and feet hip width apart. Toes point straight ahead
  • Touch the ears to the inner arms
  • Look towards the navel
  • Exhaling return to table pose

 Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)Steps to do:

  • Stand with your feet hips width apart, toes pointing forward
  • Inhale and lengthen your spine. Exhale and fold from your hips, bringing your head toward the floor
  • Grab hold of your ankles
  • Hold the pose for 1-2 minutes
  • Return to initial position

 Halasana (Plough Pose)Steps to do:

  • Lie on your back
  • Keep the palm flat on the ground
  • While exhaling press the palm on ground and raise both the legs upwards straight then try to touch the ground just behind
  • Breathe slowly and hold the posture for 1-2 minutes
  • Now slowly return to original pose

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