Yoga For Life: Benefits Of Pigeon Pose To Your Health

Yoga and Naturopathy
Yoga and Naturopathy are holistic way of healing

Over years the popularity of Yoga has increased worldwide. Even physicians have vouched of the manifold benefits that various asanas offer.

We have discussed before some of them along with their associated benefits. In today’s article we touch on the benefits of Pigeon Pose or Eka Pada Rajakapotasana . While asanas like Sirasanas (Head Stand) and Kakasana (Crow Pose) come under advance poses, there are some basic poses which people struggle to perform. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana or the Pigeon Pose is one such Asana. There are many benefits of Pigeon Pose and for this reason actresses follow it stringently. Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Malaika Arora perform it on a regular basis.

Pigeon Pose

Although Yoga has been known as one of the oldest forms practiced for wellness, it is only recently its value has been realized. Asanas in Yoga are associated with numerous benefits, but it also takes time to perform these in the correct manner. Just like any other form of exercise, Yoga consists of both easy and difficult asanas.

Derive the many benefits of Pigeon Pose of Yoga, Learn the right way

Alia Bhatt’s trainer Anushka Parwani shared a video showcasing the correct way of the performing the famous asana. Here are the numerous benefits of Pigeon Pose that the trainer is seen performing in the video. In the video Anushka is seen in the pose while detailing the numerous benefits the pose carries. Although there are benefits associated with all the asanas of Yogas, the pigeon pose can turn out advantageous in in individuals having the following problems.

Benefits of Pigeon Pose

  1. Improved posture
  2. Alignment
  3. Stretching hip flexors and lower back
  4. Improved digestion
  5. Peristalsis
  6. Treating urinary disorders

Precautions while performing Pigeon Pose

Looking at the pose, it is obvious that the asana assists in increasing flexibility in the hip and lower back muscles. Besides, it elevates the range of leg and hip motion areas. Also, it reduces stiffness in the back and shoulders and aids in breathing. However, do not practice the asana without a physician consultation if you have injury in the following body parts. Because of the immense benefit to Hip muscles, the famous asana is referred to as ‘king of hip openers.

  1. Spine
  2. Legs
  3. Hips
  4. Shoulders,

Extremely beneficial to the body, it also energizes your mind and stretches your quads and hips.

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