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Holi 2023: DOs And DON’Ts For Your Pets


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Holi 2023 is being celebrated Pan India with joy and full of enthusiasm. Holi is a festival of colours, love and Joy! It is a manner to welcome spring and start a sparkling season. The weather is very nice this time of the year. We wish this year too it proves amazing for you along with your pooches.

This festival because it amazes us dosn’t amaze pets as they don’t experience this festival like us.

Firstly, all the colors are poisonous for pet be it herbal or natural any color can cause discomfort in breathing, itching and vomiting.

Some of the suggestions which can be helpful –

  1. Wash the area as quickly as feasible with simple cold water.
  2. Apply antiseptic lotion or spray in case you see itching and redness.
  3. Antihistamine or anti allergics can be given. Consult your vet concerning what anti allergics can be given.
  4. In cases, wherein pets have licked color provide plenty of water that allows you to flush system.
  5. If the pet is vomiting provide anti acids or anti-ematics. If vomiting and diarrhea increases get the pet hospitalized for I/v fluids and medication.
  6. Activated charcoal pills are fantastic to keep away from any sort of toxicity ( you could get it from any human chemist)
  7. If a pet is excessively drooling and vomiting kindly show it for your vet ASAP.
  8. Try to clean nostril with tissue or cotton in case pet has inhaled holi color. Honey may be given in case there is coughing.
  9. Antihistamines can also assist in watery eye and nostril.
  10. Your vet can recommend bronchodilator if pet has trouble in respiration.
  11. Anti anxiety medicines and hospitalization can help pet to relax in case of nurological symptoms.
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