Keep Pets hydrated and cool with these useful tips


Summer has begun, and there is a need to take care of your friendly beloved furry during this harsh summer season. As many people are not aware of how to keep their pets hyderated during this hot weather season. They might follow some wrongful activities in terms of their pets. However, fruits and milk products like yogurt, watermelon, cucumber, coconut water are the best food products for pets or furry. These food for pets keep them away from any kind of health and disease. Also, these help in issues like dehydration and low immunity. Overall, these foods help fight against any kind of disease from unwanted ringworms, toxocariasis, etc during this harsh summers. Keeping your pets hyderated and cool is the key.

Here are some of the useful tips to look at to keep your furry cool,hydrated and neat and tidy during this hot weather season

1. Constant intake of cold water

Animals also suffer the problem of dehydration, heatstroke and sunburn-like humans suffer during the harsh summers. The symptoms of dehydration include excessive drooling and swollen gums. Hydration is important. Try to feed them enough with fresh cold water or any liquid intake like lassi or cold milk to your pets. They also love to eat ice cubes. Pets like Pugs and Persian cats mainly face the problem of heatstroke. So you need to be very much careful with your pets.

Pets Bathing

2. Avoid over bathing

Regular bathing will make the coat of the pets dry and skin natural fortification areas get affected. It should be twice a month in a manner to remain the coat safe and secure.

3.Keep them in shady areas

During the hot weather, take care of your pet by keeping them away from the hot spot areas. Keep them in shady cool areas. If you find the spot or surface area of the floor is hot, sprinkle some water on the surface and on your dog. Sprinkle water will keep them cool or refreshing and decrease the body temperature.

4. Proper Grooming

Grooming is very important during this hot weather it offers cooling relief to them. Brush them gently and safely. Instead of shaving the entire fur of your pet, try to trim long-coated or extra-coated furry. You can also choose sunscreen for your paws according to the suggestion of your veterinarian.

5. Refreshing Food for Pets

Provide them a meal full of fruits, Vegetables, cool cucumber, watermelon, yogurt, ice cream. Avoid staple food ingredients like onions, garlic, chocolate, etc as they are very much toxic for them. Furries face problems like vomiting or stomach problems after eating toxic foods.

6. Take care of their paws

Dogs’ and cats’ paws are very gentle, they get burned away very easily while walking on hot surfaces like a cemented footpath. Instead of this consider a grass or shady area for a small walk. It will keep the paws cool and secure.

7. Walking and playing hours

If your pets love to walk on a daily basis, then choose the early morning or evening hours. At that time the temperature of the weather tends to slow down. You can even take a bottle of cold water to quench your thirst for water. If pets lay down suddenly on the surface, don’t get scared, it’s their way to relax or chill.

8. Pool precautions

You need to keep an eye on them when they are in the swimming pool. You need to take care of their chances of drowning. Pool water also contains pesticides and microbes, you need to keep aware of these things.

9. Keep summer insects away

Try to protect your pets from bugs, flies and mosquito other insects. These insects contain harmful toxins in them, due to which their small bite makes your pet ill. If you notice such symptoms then try to contact your nearest veterinarian.

10 Maintain Hygiene level

Keep your furry neat and tidy, clean their ears and paws properly so that it can’t be infected by disease like ringworm, toxocariasis. Regular clean your pets licker bowls with any kind of soaps and water.

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