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Apple introduces smart water bottle


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Apple is selling HidrateSpark smart water bottles on its website and all its retail stores in the United States. Hidrate Spark’s state of the art bottle optimizes the water intake effectively. has come up with two smart water bottles on the Apple online site. Also, the app linked water notifies the user the time to drink which varies according to individual, sex , age etc. The smart water bottle informs you of the optimum intake and keeps water cold for almost 24 hours. Besides, it is ideal for the scorching weather of North Indian Summers.

Apple Introduces Smart Bottle

The Smart water bottle is available in two types on the apple website.

HidrateSpark Pro  2Hydrate Pro Steel
Price $59.95 in Indian currency Rs 4594Price $79.95 in Indian currency Rs 6126
Smart water bottle

Apple Smart Bottle: Where to Buy? Features and Price

Individuals can purchase the Apple Smart bottle through its website. Smart Bottle is listed under the Accessories section.

  • Tracks the intake of water by syncing via Bluetooth to the HidrateSpark App
  • Fast charging Capacity
  • Both the bottles have chug and straw and an LED as a reminder
  • Colors and Patterns can be customized as desired.
  • After creating the account with HidrateSpark App, it can access the data and use it to set the hydration goal.

Water Intake Management

Additionally, a normal individual requires 3-4 liters of water. Besides, the quenching of thirst water is required for transportation, digestion and maintenance of Kidneys. Beside this, the smart bottle comes in fancy colours. Some have a straw lid and some come in without lid option. The vibrant colours and plastic material used in the smart bottle is very much safe for people.

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