Elon Musk wants to meet his look alike

Chinese lookalike confuses Elon
Chinese lookalike confuses Elon

A follower suggests to use him as a decoy

Recently a video went viral of a man who is a look alike of the Tesla’s owner and the word’s richest person , Elon Musk. There is no doubt that Chinese lookalike confuses Elon. The man shared his video on Douyin, China’s equivalent of TikTok. Although there were many who believed in the authenticity, there are others who differed.

Chinese lookalike confuses Elon, millionaire surprised due to similarity

People suspect that faces can be altered with the help of technology. For instance through an app called Deepfake, one can alter the face by placing a celebrity’s face over his. Therefore when he shared the video, people were quick to label it as fake. Watch the video below to see the difference.

Striking comparison even confuses Musk, wonders if he Chinese lineage

Even the tech billionaire is surprised at the similarities. He jokingly wonders if he is partly Chinese. One of the tweets said ‘ Made in China Elon Musk’ referring to the look alike.He desires to meet him in case he is real person.

Chinese lookalike confuses Elon. It all started from a video that went viral

The strange similarities between this Chinese man and the tech Billionaire has given him a name of ‘Yi Long Musk’. Recently the CEO of Space X and Tesla was in the news for the hostile war over Twitter. A picture of a person was taken standing next to an automobile in China.As mentioned the clip was first released on Douyin. Since the individual face was not confirmed, it would be impossible to establish whether it was face or not.

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