Back to office? Google bets on a hybrid workplace model with a new office in London

google office in London
google office in London

The CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Sundar Pichai took to Instagram to share the pictures of its new office in central London. In a cautiously worded statement, Pichai says that he is excited at this new acquisition in Central Saint Giles office in London, which will be a more flexible future workplace.

google London offfice

The office has a capacity to house 10,000 workers across our UK offices. Google currently employs more than 6,000 workers in Britain.

With this development, it looks clear that Google is serious about bringing back a part of its employees to offices in a more flexible future workplace. Google plans to refit the building so it is adapted for in-person teamwork and has meeting rooms for hybrid working, as well as creating more space for individuals.

google office

Since the pandemic began in 2019, most companies gradually allowed their employees to work from home. Now many of these companies are thinking of continuing this work culture even after the situation improves, allowing employees some flexibility to work from home on most days while visiting offices only for a few days every week.

In September last year, Google announced it was extending its voluntary return-to-office policy through January 2022.

Though Pichai has earlier said that the ability to reconnect in person has been re-energizing and will make everyone even more effective in the weeks and months ahead.