Ask Google these things and you go straight to Jail

Never Google these things
Never Google these things

3 Things you should never search on Google

There is no doubt that Google remains the most widely used search engine as of today. Locations, Restaurants, Researches you name it and one gets millions results. Although Google is used to search almost everything, there are some things you should not. Searching these things on the search engine can put you behind bars. Additionally one should not search these 3 things on the search engine under any circumstances. Besides searching these on the number one search engine is a crime and can have you imprisoned. Here are the 3 things that one should not attempt to search on Google.

These 3 search words can send you in Jail

1) Child pornography
Child pornography is a serious crime in India. Thus searching for online child pornography can cause serious damage under the POSCO act. The POSCO act, Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act aims to deal with sexual abuse of child and child pornography. However the objective was to increase the scope of protecting children not covered under the Indian Penal Code. Therefore, if one is found searching anything on Google, he can be jailed from 5-7 years.

2) Searching ammunition on Google

If you search about manufacture of ammunition, it can land you in deep trouble. Your browsing activities come under a scanner and they are regularly monitored. You can be charged with a legal action too.

3) Pregnancy Termination
Searching about abortion or Pregnancy termination is illegal. Due to the high female feticide in India, the government has strict laws for this. Unless recommended by a physician, one should not attempt it.

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