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Technology assisted learning redefines the education


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Artificial Intelligence in Education paves the way for school learning

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In today’s world there is hardly any sector that is not Technology-assisted. Online education is not a recent concept and incorporated in the education system almost two decades ago. Many companies came up with innovative solutions and ideas to make the learning more engaging, fun and interesting. Developing game or animation based application also was another move in that direction. However, during the pandemic education system has suffered immensely. One of the big reasons of integrating technology into education is to make it accessible to a population in the remote areas. All these can be overcome by incorporating Technology assisted learning such as Artificial Intelligence in Education. Other new ideas such as online classrooms , personalized applications and many multimedia resources are incorporated.

Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Education and reduce stress

Adoption of disruptive learning has come a long way since the traditional learning methods. Introduction of LMS and Project learnings are some ways through which we can engage students. Moreover Artificial Intelligence can actually assist us in the development of a customized program. Exam times are near and one can imagine the stress the students go through. Technology driven aids help make the learning process efficient.

Increase of Student engagement

Technology not only improves efficiency but also results in better engagement. Animations, Virtual classrooms and smart devices not only leads to student engagement but retention too. Understanding is not the only thing to perform well. One needs to grasp and recall things.

Personalized learning is the calling of the day

Reading a thing and conceptualizing it with an animation or visuals synchronizes the ideas development. The latest technology developments in the field of education are electronic textbooks, adaptive assessment tests. Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence improves every child’s productivity. A holistic system is needed where every child is benefitted. In a class all the students have different leaning abilities. Thus in order to cater to the needs of all, AI and MI come into play.

Technology assisted Learning enhances better learning

Take an example of a student studying science. After a student has learnt a concept ,it is critical to practice it too. In today’s books there are a standard pattern of questions. However these questions are never different. With every student having varying learning abilities, it is essential they have questions suited to each competency levels. Artificial Intelligence in Education helps understand students habits and blunders and maps the questions according to the analysis. Also it creates questions to practice in seconds it accompanies recommendations for improvement.

Technology incorporation requires effective partnership

All Indians need to have an access to quality education. However, it should not be rushed and should be done with effective teamwork between students, teachers, schools, and after-school education providers.

The country also needs to increase everyone’s access to high-quality education and EdTech, which means that tech-enabled education should be provided in vernaculars, be inexpensive while still being of high quality, and collaborate with the government and low-cost private schools. In today’s world, technology is a tremendous facilitator that cannot be overlooked. Traditional teaching methods should not be abandoned all of sudden, but supplemented to reach more students.

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